How To Choose An Online Tutor

Technology has revolutionized education by bringing education closer to students. Through online education, students can learn in the comfort of their homes. What’s more, students get to choose their perfect tutor from any part of the world through online tutoring platforms.

The Five Things to Consider When Choosing an Online Tutor

The student should first determine their expectations from the tutoring session. Everything will revolve around the student’s desired goals. Here are things to consider when choosing an online tutor.


The student should have a budget in mind. The first thing is to determine how much they are willing to spend. Then, they will choose a tutor that is within their budget. Online tutors will mostly charge any amount from $10 and above.


With a list of possible affordable tutors, narrow it down to the most experienced tutors. The tutor’s information is on their profile. There are two factors to consider in experience.

  • How long has the tutor been on the tutoring platform? The longer, the better.
  • How proficient is the tutor with a specific subject? Their academic qualifications will prove their expertise.


The tutor’s profile will show their availability.

  • Is the tutor available to work immediately?
  • What is the tutor’s working hours?

If such information is not in their profile, they will directly ask the tutor through the online tutoring platform. The student should settle for a tutor who will always be available to help with their homework.


Online tutoring platforms allow students to review their tutors. Reviews are honest student testimonials after engaging a tutor’s service.

  • Does the tutor have a positive review?
  • What rating does the tutor have? Anything below 3-stars might not be a good choice. Low rated tutors might be unreliable.
  • What is the tutor’s response rate? The quicker, the better.

Teaching Style

The success of the tutoring program largely depends on the tutor’s teaching methods. The student will talk with the tutor to determine their teaching style. If the student does not like the tutors teaching style:

  1. The student and tutor can create a suitable tutoring program that will achieve the student’s objectives.
  2. The student can look for a tutor that matches their desired teaching style.

Extra Tips for Choosing an Excellent Online Tutor

Ask Lots of Questions.

Asking questions will help the student determine whether their chosen tutor is a good fit. There’s no limit to the number or type of questions a student should ask. The goal is to clear things up, to achieve the student’s goals. Questions will help the student and tutor to understand each other better.

Stay Open-Minded.

Rigidity blinds a student from good opportunities. Nonetheless, keeping an open mind does not mean compromise. The point is to stay open to the tutor’s suggestions to help achieve the student’s expectations.

The Connection Between Student and Tutor

The student should choose the tutor that they connect with, not as friends, but as people. It is difficult to achieve the desired results when the tutor and student are disconnected. A great relationship will keep the student motivated, thus a better learning experience.


The best tutor is one who specializes in their field. Students should opt for specialists, rather than all-rounded tutors.

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