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How is Cyber Security as a Career?

Many consider technological advancements a boon for society. There was a time when people had to wait in queues to get their work done, send over documents by post, travel to many places to attend business meetings, and perform similar time-consuming tasks. Today, however, governments have progressed much in transforming various processes online and your tasks are accomplished in a jiffy with just a few clicks on the computer. But, is it a win-win situation for both businesses and customers? Not entirely. Whenever you use any online service, you often have to share your personal information with the service providers. Now, those businesses are gathering not only your personal data but from millions of other users as well.

All this sensitive customer information stored by various companies is a valuable commodity for hackers. If an organization’s systems are infected with the virus planted by hackers, there is a high chance of getting access to the business data and compromising it. This puts a business at risk as well as the customer whose information is collected by them. So, the best possible solution for businesses to avert this risk is to adopt cyber security solutions for their systems and networks. Cyber security, as the name suggests, is a broad field that involves all the tools, techniques, and set of practices used to secure a company’s data, systems, edge devices, and networks from cyber-attacks. As hackers continue to become more sophisticated with their attacks, the need for cyber security is at its peak.

Willing to enter this exciting field of cyber security but don’t know much about this career? This article will give you a clear idea of what a career in cyber security is and how you can get started comfortably through a cyber security course.

A Career in Cyber Security

Currently, most businesses have an online presence and those that collect a lot of user data are eager to prove to their clients that they have good security measures in place. This has created a lot of opportunities for professionals willing to start a rewarding career in cyber security. Specialized skills are required to excel in cyber security as the security personnel is the frontline workers dealing with hackers and preventing any possible intrusion.

You can find many job roles in the field of cyber security and each has a different set of responsibilities to handle the overall security of the organization. Some of the top job roles that you can explore are as follows.

Ethical Hacker

Contrary to malicious hackers, ethical hackers or white-hat hackers are professionals who look for loopholes and vulnerabilities in the systems and networks of a company. They fix such vulnerabilities before malicious hackers are able to exploit them. They think like ill-intent hackers only but with the purpose of protecting the systems and breaking into them legally. Engaging in social engineering concepts like rummaging through trash bins for passwords, notes, or other files with critical information is also a part of their responsibility so as to prevent any possible chances of attack.

Ethical hackers draw an average salary package of $69K in the US, according to Glassdoor.

Information Security Analyst

Organizations hire information security analysts for setting up scalable security apparatuses and avoiding or addressing any threat. They collaborate with business executives and IT administrators to assess the practicality of their security measures. Based on the reports generated by information security analysts, companies tweak their security practices to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not get access to their networks.

As per, the median salary of an Information security analyst is $95K in the US.

Security Consultant

A company may have taken different security measures, but there should be someone who could assess them and tell if they are appropriate. This responsibility is handled by a security consultant. Such professionals have a thorough knowledge of cyber security and they advise companies on how to defend their physical, monetary, and information capital from cybercrimes. Evidently, security consultants do not work for a single company but rather keep handling different clients when the contract for one is completed.

Security consultants in the US are capable of earning around $86K median salary per annum, as reported by Payscale.

Security Administrator

As CompTIA describes the role, security administrators are the individuals who install, administer, and troubleshoot a company’s security solutions. Rather than focusing on specific parts like software or hardware, these professionals monitor the overall system security and keep it secure from attacks. They develop security policies and configure security tools like firewalls, patch management systems, and anti-malware software.

Payscale reports that security administrators earn around $67K on average annual salary in the US.

Security Auditor

Another important role in the field of cyber security is an IT security auditor. They test the efficiency of system security by conducting audits and offering improvement suggestions. Financial institutions and large-scale companies often conduct these audits to test databases, evaluate firewalls, and encryption protocols, improve security compliance, and reduce security risks. Their findings are then documented into a detailed report and presented to the management.

Security auditors in the US command impressive average salaries of $84K per year, as per Payscale.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned roles are just some of the popular job opportunities in the wide world of cyber security. Professionals can aspire for many other ambitious cyber security job roles and gain relevant skills. Wherever career path you choose, you can be sure of promising career growth ahead. That said, many online training providers offer a wide range of cyber security courses to help you build a strong foundation in this domain. These short-term courses do not even require you to take much time out of your busy schedule. So, when are you getting ready to explore your career options?

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