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How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman? 23 Clear Signs to Look Out For (With Explanations!)

by Josephine Fuller
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Have you noticed that the Leo man you’ve been seeing has been making weird actions, bold decisions, and generally displaying unpredictable behavior? If yes, he’s testing you; you should be aware of it as soon as he starts acting up!

So, how does a Leo man test a woman? He makes you jealous, checks your compatibility through body language and personality traits, cracks jokes, fishes for compliments, questions your opinions, pushes your boundaries, and more!

If you want to know more about these blatant signs to anticipate them when they happen, read this article further!

How Does A Leo Man Test A Woman?

Leos are considered one of the most romantic zodiac signs, but they are somewhat careful about choosing the right one. A Leo man, in particular, would perform a series of tests to see if a woman is compatible with him.

By better identifying these tests, you know what to expect and how to react if you want to keep him. Here are 23 signs to look out for:

1.He Tries to Make You Jealous

Although a Leo man is loyal to a fault, he may test your reaction when interacting with other girls. He would give them more attention than usual to discover the depth of your feelings towards him. 

Generally, Leo men crave a little bit of attention and are natural flirts. They may have numerous friends of the opposite sex, and because of this, they also want to know if this wouldn’t become a problem should the two of you become a couple. 

The only way to ace this test is to show a little possessiveness—just enough to let him know your romantic intentions and that you’re not playing games with him. This would make his heart sing!

2.He Asks You About Your Passions

Leos are fire signs, which means they are passionate and enthusiastic about the things they do. As such, they prefer making meaningful connections with people with similar personalities. 

If you appear bored, detached, or not good at expressing yourself when talking about the things you’re highly interested in, he might conclude that you’re just not as passionate as him and deem this aspect of you a red flag. 

He will test you by asking about your goals, aspirations, and dreams. Show him that you have the same strong ambition and drive to go after what you want through your facial expressions and body language. 

3.He Checks Your Compatibility as a Couple

Have you noticed that he started asking a series of personal questions? They may seem harmless, but this is also a test. He would ask things like the following examples:

  • What kind of relationship did or do you have with your parents?
  • What did your last romantic relationship teach you?
  • When making decisions, do you follow with your heart or your head?
  • How would your best friends or closest relatives describe you?
  • What do you do when you’re stressed?
  • Would you move cities for the one you love?

Anyone would want to know about their potential partner’s past, present, and future, so it’s no surprise that a Leo man does this. He will determine whether or not your answers align, and if they don’t, then it’s best if you part ways.

4.He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

Another way a Leo man tests you is when he introduces you to his closest friends and family. Leos are family-centered, which explains this behavior. They want to know if you could get along with their loved ones. 

This may even happen too early in your budding relationship—don’t fret; that’s just how these men roll. When he suggests you meet his friends and family, he wants to determine if you’re worthy of him, his love, and his affection. 

If you’re not ready for this commitment, it’s high time you walk away. However, if you’re determined to be in a relationship with him, ensure you woo his friends and family.

5.He Cracks Jokes to Make You Laugh

A Leo man loves to have fun and make jokes just for the heck of it. He wants a woman with whom he can enjoy cracking jokes or someone with a similar sense of humor. 

Additionally,he’s also fond of teasing you—anything to get a giggle out of you—due to his bright energy. Trust me, he gets butterflies when you guys engage in flirty, lighthearted banter. 

Although Leos is passionate and can become quite serious regarding certain aspects of life, he doesn’t want to have a relationship with someone who takes everything too seriously. He wants someone he can be a goofball with.

6.He Tests Your Loyalty

Since loyalty is one of the many admirable aspects of a Leo man, he would put you in situations where he tests your faithfulness towards him. Leos are possessive when it comes to their significant others.

Some scenarios include the following:

  • He texts you using a fake number or a fake social media account
  • He asks his friends to make a move on you
  • He questions you regarding your past relationships to know whether or not a certain ex-boyfriend might come back into the picture
  • He wants to know your opinion on cheating

A Leo man would watch you like a hawk regarding your interactions with other men. If he notices even the slightest hint of interest on your part, he might end whatever you two have immediately. 

7.He Fishes for Compliments

Leos thrive on acknowledgment and recognition, and since they’re fire signs, it is no surprise if a Leo man would subtly (or not, depending on the person) fish for compliments to satiate their appetite for attention.

He will test you to see if you’re willing to give him an ego booster now and then. Although this may come across as attention-seeking, a Leo man can’t help himself.

Let your potential partner know what a fantastic man he is. Give him genuine, honest compliments that could show your appreciation for him. Ensure you don’t go overboard; they can see through your flattering yet empty words immediately.

8.He Wants You to Become His Number One Supporter

In addition to the need for passionate Leos to be the center of attention, a Leo man would want you to become supportive of him not just for his dreams and aspirations but also for who he is today.

He would want you to be his biggest cheerleader, especially if he has important events that he’s participating in or there’s a project he has been working on for a time that’s finally coming to fruition. 

A Leo man would test you by checking whether you’ll stand by him come what may—both in his successes and failures, through thick and thin. He’ll declare that you’re it for him if you are.

9.He Wants to Know if You’re Good with Kids

As mentioned earlier, Leos are family-centered, so they generally view themselves as starting a family one day. A woman who lacks the gentleness to handle children is someone they would rather not date.

A Leo man who tests you in this regard would observe how you handle children, preferably in various settings. For example, he would take you to a charity gala involving kids or ask you to look after his little cousin as a favor.

No matter the situation, you should come prepared if you’re in this for the long run, and only if you see yourself as the mother to his future children; if this is not the life you envision for yourself, then promptly walk away.

10.He Questions Your Opinions

Leos are strong-willed, extremely opinionated, and never the ones to back down during fights (of the verbal kind!). As such, a Leo man would prefer having a woman with a similar fire in her as a romantic partner. 

In this regard, he would test you by questioning your thoughts on specific issues. Here are some examples of some openers you can look out for:

  • Where do you stand on … 
  • How do you feel about … 
  • What do you think of/about …
  • What’s your opinion of/on …
  • What are your views on …
  • Are you aware of …
  • What would you say to/about/if …

If you can show you’re not afraid to speak your mind, can defend yourself, and that you do not lack independence, he’d fall even more head over heels for you.

11.He Ropes You into His Fights

As mentioned earlier, expect a passionate Leo man to be involved in many arguments. Don’t worry, as these fights are usually goodhearted, but sometimes he would pull you into one of them, sometimes even abruptly. 

A Leo man would want to know if you’ll take his side during debates. However, he also wouldn’t mind if you disagree with his opinions so long as you state yours with confidence and exceptional reasoning. 

If you agree with him, make sure you can clearly express your support for his statements. This will stroke his ego and make him look at you in a different light.

12.He Says He Has No Money

Being zodiac signs ruled by the sun, Leos are naturally inclined to live a luxurious lifestyle. They love spending their hard-earned money, but surprisingly, they do so for others more than themselves. This means they’re natural gift-givers as well.

However, unfortunately, this personality trait attracts gold-digging romantic partners who are very much aware. Because of this, it’s common for Leo males to test a woman on their genuine interest—if they’re in it for him or his money only. 

He’ll test you by saying he’s broke or in debt but can still manage to pay for dates. He’ll gauge your reaction to these statements and see if you’re still interested in him despite having little to no financial prospects.

13.He Tests How Controlling You Are

Another test a Leo man would perform would be on the controlling nature of his potential partner. He’ll do so by hanging out with friends or becoming unavailable for a few days. He would want to know if you expect him to spend more time with you. 

He does this because he can’t stand being controlled by women—he prefers it the other way around. He wants to test your understanding of personal space, especially when he needs it the most. 

When he does this to you, let him be. Just do your thing while he does his. Both your lives shouldn’t revolve solely around your relationship.

14.He Pushes Your Boundaries

As mentioned above, Leo males can get a bit controlling. It can be pretty aggravating on your part, but if you think he’s the one for you, you should look out for him when he makes demands in your relationship. 

When he does this, make sure you can stand up for yourself against him and set boundaries. It would help if you showed him that you’re not supposed always to tolerate him, precisely when he gets too much. If he pushes you way too far, walk away, girl. 

However, if he’s willing enough to listen to you, try to communicate it first with him. Ask him if he can compromise so your relationship with him can work.

15.He Assesses Your Level of Compassion 

Leos are compassionate people; they tend to be generous and kind towards their loved ones and the people around them. As such, they prefer a woman with the same empathy. 

There are many ways this test can manifest; here are some sample scenarios:

  • He shares with you heartwarming experiences (not necessarily his, but also things he sees on the news) and sees your reaction to them
  • He observes how you engage with other people, especially those in need or those with unfortunate circumstances
  • He sees how you would react when someone close to you has a personal issue that causes them a great deal of stress

Show him that you have the same big heart as him if you’re a woman with a seemingly cold or tough exterior, lower down some of your walls to show him your inner warmth.

How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman

16.He Tests Your Confidence

It’s no secret that Leo men usually go for confident women since they also exude significant levels of boldness themselves. They may even test this trait on your first time meeting. 

It means a lot to them if you can carry yourself with confidence and courage instead of being a people pleaser. They want to be romantically involved with someone who can easily handle situations and stand up for what they believe in when necessary.

Show him that you can be precisely that. However, if you’re uncomfortable doing so, don’t be afraid to walk away.

17.He Takes You on Spontaneous Adventures

As fire signs, Leos love to embrace spontaneity, which means they can devise plans on a whim—hiking on a random Friday? Taking flying lessons? Ziplining? It’s something they would suggest!

If you don’t mind these activities, show your Leo man that you’re just as eager to have fun as he is. He prefers someone who could let loose and grab opportunities he knows a woman could enjoy. As such, I highly encourage you to embrace change and not let fear of the unknown stop you.

However, if you can’t handle men driven by impulse, then maybe a relationship with a more introverted zodiac sign is what you need.

18.He Lets You Take the Lead

As I’ve established, although a Leo man prefers to be in control, he doesn’t mind giving the reins to a confident woman with assertiveness now and then. He would let you plan dates and make decisions to see if you’re good at taking charge.

This test is critical since Leo men aren’t known to let their control go. They prefer women who aren’t pushovers and can empower themselves in relationships. 

Moreover, this also translates to taking the lead in opening up honest communication with a Leo man. You should learn when to talk things out with him to capture his heart entirely.

19.He Makes Last Minute Change of Plans

Again, since Leo men are a spontaneous bunch, you’ll need to show that you can adapt relatively quickly to their changing plans, even at the last minute. With this, he also tests the limits of your patience. 

They may also make plans without you or cancel them with him at the last minute. This might be confusing as it is a sign that a Leo man is simply playing with you, but it can also be a test. 

If he gets too unreasonable, don’t be afraid to call him out for it. Ask him about his real intentions so that you can be on the same page regarding having a potential relationship with each other.

20.He Observes Your Body Language

Although less exceptional than other signs, Leos enjoys reading people like an open book. They can pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues—which helps them determine whether you’re genuine from the get-go or have ulterior motives.

The test for this is simple: a Leo man will mirror your body language to see how you would react to it and gauge your compatibility with each other. This includes matching the tone of your voice, facial expressions, speech patterns, and other features.

To win his heart, be a little conscious of your body language. Try sending positive signals such as light touching, making eye contact, smiling when necessary, and facing your body towards him when he’s talking.

21.He Tells You His Secrets

Although Leo males can be dubbed Mr. Congeniality with their long list of friends, they are pretty private, choosing only to trust a handful of their closest friends.

This means he wants to see if you’re worthy of his trust when he starts sharing his secrets. This test is fundamental and will determine whether or not he will continue pursuing you because, let’s face it, who would want to date someone untrustworthy?

So, keep his secrets close to your heart if you want to keep him. The fact that he’s selective about who he shares his secrets with means you’re his chosen one.

22.He Hints at Having a Future Together

Another way a Leo male will test a woman is by dropping hints about having a future together with you. Things such as starting a family, getting married, buying a house together, and more.

He does so to see how you would react and if you share his visions. If this is a dealbreaker for you, be honest and tell him that you’re not on the same page or that he’s moving too fast for your liking. 

However, tell him if you see yourself being with him down that line! He’d be overjoyed to know you’re in it as much as he is.

23.He Becomes More Arrogant

Lastly, a telltale sign that a Leo man is testing a woman is if he becomes obnoxiously arrogant, snobbish, or egotistic most of the time. Although this can be highly annoying, know that this is all just part of his grand scheme of knowing whether you’re the right one for him.

He’ll push you away to see how far you can be made and if you’d return. Don’t be afraid to humble him. You don’t necessarily have to power through this test if you can’t tolerate this behavior.

However, do so by openly communicating with him. Tell him his behavior is becoming unacceptable. He would compromise and move to other tests if he genuinely wants to pursue you.

Final Thoughts

Leo men can be aggravating when doing the abovementioned tests, but don’t take it personally. Anyone would want a successful, healthy relationship with their potential romantic partner. 

Yes, this is all part of a Leo man’s elaborate scheme, but if you two are meant to be, it will be worth the wait. Hopefully, my advice was helpful enough to know how to react to a Leo man’s tests. 

How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When Will a Leo Man Test You?

The bad news is he’ll constantly be testing you, even from the beginning. Below are some scenarios in which he could be pushing you:

  • When he’s beginning to fall for you
  • When you two have been dating for a while
  • When your once casual relationship is now getting serious
  • When you least expect it

2.How Do You Know if a Leo Man is Playing You?

If his absence becomes increasingly apparent, he’s playing with you. There’s a fine line between testing and playing for these men, so you better watch out and read their behavior well. 

3.Who Is The Best Match For A Leo Man?

Generally, anyone can be a good match for a Leo man if they commit to making their relationship work. However, the following signs are more compatible with Leo men compared to others:

  • Aries
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Leo
  • Gemini

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