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66 Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend (Ideas For Your Next Date Night!)

by Josephine Fuller
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Planning date nights can be daunting, especially if you’ve run out of ideas on how to properly spend some quality time with your girlfriend. This is why playing games is a great option so that you can strengthen your bond, improve your communication, and practice your teamwork skills! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 66 Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend for you to choose from!

So, what are fun games to play with your girlfriend? Here’s a run-down based on the type of games you’d be interested in:

  • Classic games: Truth or Dare, Two Truths and A Lie, Flirty Jenga
  • Board games: Scrabble, Fog of Love, Exploding Kittens
  • Card games: Uno, We’re Not Really Strangers, Strip Poker
  • Video games: Mario Kart, It Takes Two, Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In this article, I will be giving you the run-down on each type of game you can play with your girlfriend for the best date nights you could ever experience. Read further for more!

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20 Fun Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

If your scheduled date night with the love of your life is fast approaching but you don’t have anything planned yet, I have tons of game recommendations you can try with your girlfriend to make your night a whole lot more interesting!

Here are some of the best, fun games you can play:

1. Truth or Dare

You can never go wrong with a classic truth-or-dare game to enjoy with your girlfriend. Get to know your partner more when she chooses “Truth” by asking personal questions and devising silly, romantic, or sexy actions when she picks “Dare.”

2. Never Have I Ever

This game is usually played over groups of friends, but it can be also something that can entertain you both on date night with your girlfriend. Learn all kinds of things about your partner—deep secrets, funny truths, and even revealing sexual or nonsexual turn-ons—when you play this game!

3. Pictionary

Traditionally, Pictionary is played by selecting a piece of paper from a box or other similar containers, which contains specific items that one of you should draw and one of you would be guessing. Instead of items, use prompts for a fun twist. For example, “girlfriend’s favorite food” or “anniversary gifts.”

4. Guess the Movie

Similar to traditional pictionary instead of items to draw, it will be either a movie title or movie lines that you take turns acting out and guessing. This is a fun game to play with your girlfriend if both of you are cinephiles. You can also put in TV shows you’ve binged together.

5. Two Truths and A Lie

If you had just started dating your girlfriend, this would be a fun game to try so you can get to know her better. You take turns with your partner guessing which of the three statements you guys will say are truths and which is a lie. To make things more fun, the winner of the game should have a prize.

6. Staring Contest

You may think this is boring and way too old school, but if you want to raise the heat in the room, engage in this “you blink, you lose!” game with your girlfriend. Simply look into your partner’s eyes and let the eyes do the talking. Trust me, the tensions will be off the roofs with this one. You can thank me later!

7. Twister

If you don’t already have this flexibility and balance-testing game, you need to buy one for your next date night ASAP! To add more excitement, include cards that make you perform flirty or sexy actions such as kissing for a specific amount of time, hugging, or losing an article of clothing.

8. Jigsaw Puzzle

Test your teamwork capabilities with your girlfriend by piecing a jigsaw puzzle together. It’s a great way to strengthen your bond, perform some problem-solving, and improve your strategy skills with your partner. Play your favorite romantic music in the background as you piece the image together.

9. Lego Building

Similar to piecing a jigsaw puzzle, you can also assemble Lego sets with your girlfriend. Choose sets that you both agree on so you can have a fun time building them together. My suggestions are modular buildings, which are great for two people, such as Bookshop, Jazz Club, and Natural History Museum.

10. Russian Roulette

If you want to try drinking games to play with your girlfriend, Russian roulette is a great place to start. Line up shot glasses with some filled with alcohol (or wine, if you prefer) and some with plain old water or juice. Take turns with your girlfriend guessing if one of you drank alcohol or not. The loser of each turn has to drink!

games to play with your girlfriend--Lego Building

11. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

Personalize your scavenger hunt game with your girlfriend by hiding gifts, small trinkets, or sticky notes for the both of you to find. As such, this is best played during Christmas or other events that require the both of you to exchange gifts such as anniversary celebrations. You can also do an Easter egg hunt if you like!

12. Flirty Jenga

Jenga is played by taking turns stacking and carefully removing blocks. If the tower falls, you lose. Add a romantic and playful twist to this game by writing prompts or challenges on each block so that whenever you or your girlfriend removes one, they have to do whatever is written on the block.

13. Cook-Off Challenge

If you and your significant other can cook or bake, this is the best time to show off your skills in the kitchen. Make it more enjoyable by setting up a time limit and/or making it a competition between the both of you, with the winner having a prize of their choice.

14. Origami Games

Looking for creative games to play with your girlfriend? Assembling origami can prove to be a great pastime. If you don’t know how, simply watch YouTube tutorials and see which ones you can create together. Use vibrant, colorful paper and make it a challenge so that it would be even more enjoyable.

15. Dance Off

Whether you want to dance to something upbeat or slow, a dance-off is a great game idea on a date night. Showcase your best or funny dance moves to fill the night with laughter. You can also hold each other close and strengthen your physical bond with your girlfriend to the tune of romantic songs.

16. Outdoor Sports

If you want to try outdoor games to play with your girlfriend, you can play cooperative games like tennis or badminton. This way, you can work on your teamwork and coordination skills with your significant other while working up a sweat. If you’re feeling particularly competitive, try golf!

17. Escape Room

Another outdoor game you can try if you can personally visit an escape room facility or you can just set up one at your home. This is especially fun because you can work and strategize with your partner to discover clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room within a specified timeframe.

18. Minute To Win It

Come up with unique and fun challenges for your significant other to complete within 60 seconds. Take note that you must prepare the items or supplies needed in advance to finish the challenges. You can also get some booze for twice the fun!

19. Emoji Game

If you want games to play with your girlfriend over text because you can’t physically be together, you can play the emoji game. The game is about giving a set of emojis to reveal a specific word or secret message. Choose from a variety of themes such as countries, food, songs, and more.

20. Darts

Play darts with a twist by making up special rules or setting up playful bets. You can also write prompts or challenges on pieces of paper and then stick them on balloons placed on walls for the both of you to hit. This game can help improve your focus and precision.

games to play with your girlfriend--Darts

15 Board Games for Couples to Play and Enjoy

Board games are scientifically proven to improve your love life potentially, which makes them fun activities to try during your next date night! I have included both classic and modern games that you can play and enjoy.

Here are the best board games to play with your girlfriend:

1. Scrabble

Everyone has played this popular board game at least once in their lifetimes. You can add a romantic or flirty twist by setting up rules such as using only romantic or sexy words, removing a piece of clothing, kissing, or hugging when a particular number of points is reached. The possibilities are endless!

2. Fog of Love

This romantic comedy board game allows couples to assume identities and personalities, roleplay scenes, and choose destiny cards that reflect the goal they’re aiming for in the game. There are specific themes and scenarios at hand that can offer a unique (but fictional) gaming date night experience!

3. St. Noire

If you’re in the mood for murder mystery games to play with your girlfriend, I recommend this voice-controlled board game. A murder has been committed in a small town and you both are tasked to identify who the murderer is, what weapon was used, and the location of the crime. Figure it all out before the clock runs out!

4. Trivial Pursuit

Great for couples that love trivia games! The game’s winner is determined by which one of you answers the most questions correctly. There are a lot of categories to choose from and even themed boards such as Breaking Bad, Star Wars, and Harry Potter if one or both of you are a fan.

5. Exploding Kittens

Purchase the two-player edition of this Russian Roulette-inspired game. You and your girlfriend are to draw cards until one of you gets the Exploding Kitten card, at which the player who draws it will be kicked out of the game. However, you can avoid this by using action cards that can move or defuse the kitten.

6. Chess

Although not a lot of people will recommend chess as a board game to play with your girlfriend, I recommend it nonetheless if you both aren’t sore losers. It’s difficult to play chess without feeling fiercely competitive towards your opponent but if both of you are good sports, then go for it!

7. Tiny Towns

You and your girlfriend are mayors of your respective towns and each of you will take turns constructing buildings according to the resources and cards you play. The type of buildings and where you build them will determine your victory points. As you guessed it, the player with the most victory points wins!

games to play with your girlfriend--Chess

8. Hive

This tile-based strategy game, which resembles beehive colonies, can be played anywhere as long as you have a flat surface, so it’s perfect if you want some on-the-go games to play with your girlfriend. Similar to chess, the objective of the game is to surround your opponent’s queen.

9. Forbidden Island

Instead of competing against your girlfriend, you’re required to work together to win the game by taking turns moving your pawns around the “island” and keeping it from submerging as more tiles sink. You can choose from a variety of island formats, difficulty levels, and characters to make things more interesting!

10. Disney Villainous

Cue the nostalgia with this popular board game where you control one of six Disney villain characters, each having its own player board and game decks. You strategically use your cards so you can fulfill your winning conditions, which may require you to ask the help of your girlfriend and her cards.

11. Guess Who?

If you want a simple board game to play with your girlfriend, this is what I recommend. Each of you has a secret character that the other player has to guess out of 24 possible characters and has to narrow them down through yes or no questions only. It’s fun to test your elimination skills with this game!

12. Boggle

Comes in 4 by 4 or 5 by 5 grids, this word game requires you and your girlfriend to identify as many connected words as possible within 3 minutes. The winner is determined by who has found the most words. Test your vocabulary skills with this game and win against your girlfriend!

13. I Should Have Known That

Another trivia game that’s perfect for date night, play by answering up to 400 questions! Instead of earning points for every correct answer, you lose points for each question you answer wrong. You can last up to hours just playing this simple game or playing multiple sessions!

14. Codenames Duet

A cooperative, two-player game that requires you to uncover all fifteen secret agents without revealing any of the three assassins within a specific timeframe. This is actually quite challenging to play but if you’re with your significant other, it will be a very fun and unique date night experience for the both of you.

15. Azul

Azul is a stunning, easy-to-play game that you can play with your significant other if you want something that requires constant thinking and strategizing. The game is won based on the tiles’ scoring combinations and how you place your tiles based on how your girlfriend does, and vice versa.

16 Couple Card Games For Your Next Date Night

If you value replayability so that you can play across multiple date nights, card games are the most ideal to play. They make great entertainment plus most of the games I have listed let you get to know your girlfriend better.

Without further ado, here are some of the couple card games I highly recommend:

1. Uno

As I have said before, you can never go wrong with the classics! Personalize this card game by adding special rules that you and your partner agree on. For example, if one of you plays a reverse card, you would have to share a random memory of each other. There are so many ideas you can try!

2. Monopoly Deal

This mini-card game is best for two players as opposed to the regular, full Monopoly game. If you’re feeling particularly competitive toward your girlfriend, you can play this game. Learn to strategize as you come across mortgages, deals, and debt collectors.

3. Go Fish

Turn this children’s game into something appropriate for adults by adding alcohol into the mix. For example, if one of you asks the other for a specific card but the other player doesn’t have it, the one who asked must drink. Continue playing until your draw pile is empty or if one of you gets drunk—whichever comes first!

4. Gin Rummy

Arguably the most popular classic card game to play for couples, gin rummy is a whole lot more fun when you play it with your girlfriend. This variation is better than the original rummy because you get to hide your cards until the game ends, adding more tension to the game!

5. We’re Not Really Strangers: Couple’s Edition

You can opt to play for the original card game or with the relationship expansion pack which is composed of 150 romance-related questions and wild cards to get to know your partner better. Whether you’re just beginning to date or are a long-term couple, you can never go wrong with this card game!

6. Love Lingual: The Card Game

Deepen your connection with your loved one by playing this card game. Like the previous game, this also involves 150 engaging questions that you can take turns with your girlfriend drawing. With this, you can share intimate memories or discover each other’s quirks that you haven’t before!

7. War

If you’re feeling particularly competitive against your beloved, you can play this card game. It’s simple: players draw cards at the same time and the person with a higher ranking will take both cards then place them at the bottom of their card stack. The first to get all 52 cards wins the game!

8. Cards Against Humanity

Another card game that consists of questions you can ask your girlfriend when you’re still getting to know each other on date night. It comes with up to 600 cards for eternal replayability! You can also purchase expansion packs such as their pop culture bundle, absurd box, and nasty bundle for double the fun!

9. Cover Your Assets

Compete with your girlfriend to become a (fictional) millionaire in this high-energy, cutthroat card game. You win by building towers and stacking matching asset card sets then protecting them from your opponent in case she steals them. In other words, you cover your assets!

10. Old Maid

Another classic children’s game that you can add your own twist to so you can enjoy it with your girlfriend. Get some booze, establish a drinking punishment for the loser who gets the Old Maid card, and laugh your butts off during date night. Thank me later!

11. The Ultimate Date Night Game for Couples

The name says it all, folks! This is essentially a game of Would You Rather that’s been stylishly placed on cards so it comes in handy. Made especially for couples, this game contains 200 cards and 50 bonus spicy cards to have a fun, interactive date night with your beloved girlfriend.

12. Intimacy Card Deck

If you want to get a little bit serious for date night, this card game promotes openness, honesty, and sincerity with your partner. There are six categories to choose from—past, random, life, relationship, intimacy, and about you. One caveat is that it works best for couples who have just started a relationship.

13. Sushi Go!

This easy-to-learn, hard-to-master card game is perfect for date nights that hinge on your ability to memorize (plus a little bit of luck too!). Each card has its specific scoring system and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins! If you value replayability, I suggest buying Sushi Go Party for more variations.

14. Strip Poker

This list wouldn’t be complete without this classic, adult game that’s sure to intensify the tension you and your girlfriend have on date night. The rules are simple: every time someone loses a hand, they lose an article of clothing, and the first who’s stripped down to their underwear (or naked) loses!

15. Let's Get Deep

Perfect for all couples regardless of how long you’ve been together, Let’s Get Deep is a question-type card game with 400 cards to play across several date nights. Divide the cards into icebreaker questions, deep questions, and even deeper questions. The person who made the first move will start the game!

16. Ticket to Ride

Although this board slash card game is best played by four people, you can still play this with your girlfriend if you’re working towards a unique date night experience with her! Earn points by collecting cards for different types of train cars, which allows you to claim railway routes across North America.

15 Best Video Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned gamer or a beginner player, video games are the right choice if you want to try something new (and digital) with your girlfriend on date nights.

Below are some games you can co-op while you snuggle on the couch with your significant other:

1. Mario Kart

You know what they say: a couple who plays Mario Kart together, stays together! In fact, it was proven by this survey. Choose from 36 different characters in the Mario Kate universe and race against your girlfriend on a virtual racetrack in this cute game. Place bets to raise the stakes and have a friendly competition!

2. Stardew Valley

If you’re into farming games, Stardew Valley is a good place to start playing with your girlfriend since you can craft, build, decorate, and maintain your farm together as well as do other activities. You may even play with your mutual friends! Other activities you can do are fishing, mining, and even cooking!

3. Overcooked

Fair warning that this game is incredibly chaotic, fast-paced, and requires a certain level of coordination with your partner. This may challenge the strength of your relationship as it encourages you to work together through different stressful cooking environments. It’s loads of fun, so try out a level or two!

4. It Takes Two

This is probably the most recommended co-op game for couples out there as you play a couple who were turned into dolls and are trapped in a fantasy world with genre-bending challenges around every corner. There are fun character abilities to master and interactive storytelling to look forward to with your girlfriend!

5. Don’t Starve Together

Survive in a world full of odd creatures, ancient secrets, and hidden dangers by crafting items, building structures, and farming to create food and new resources together with your girlfriend. You won’t even realize that a lot of time passed by during your date night due to this addictive game!

6. Minecraft

Who says this game is just for children? It works perfectly well for adults as well! Create a private server just for you and your girlfriend and play either creative or survival mode, depending on your mood. If you know how, add some mods for a better, more personalized gaming experience!

7. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you guys have Nintendo Switches, you can play this popular game. You can create separate islands and visit each other (ideal for long-distance couples) or you can share an island (if you’re able to play side by side). Either way, you can customize these spaces by adding parks, picnic sets, and more!

games to play with your girlfriend--Mario Kart

8. We Were Here

Work together with your beloved partner to unlock a variety of mysterious environments such as caves and castles. The best part? You’re separated from your girlfriend and the only way you can communicate is through a walkie-talkie. As such, puzzle-loving, long-distance couples will absolutely adore this game!

9. Heave-Ho!

Looking for a cozy game you can play with low stakes and adorable animation? Heave-Ho allows you to team up with your girlfriend as you navigate through several in-game platforms by grabbing whatever you can and not letting yourself fall before you reach the flag at the end of each level.

10. Moving Out

The rules are simple: you’re a newly certified professional furniture technician and your job is to throw out all of the furniture you can find in the house before the timer runs out. It’s simple, easy to learn, and you get to team up with your girlfriend—what’s not to love?

11. Just Dance 2023 Edition

Get your groove on and sweat it out with this game! Compete in a dance battle with your girlfriend if you’re feeling particularly energetic during your date night. Make sure to get the new and improved 2023 version for a longer catalog of songs, which includes genres like disco, classic rock, and even k-pop!

12. Left 4 Dead 2

If you’re in the mood for some horror, this zombie-slaying survival game is the perfect one for you and your partner. Not only does it have terrifying moments, it can also be fun as you slice zombies with a katana or smash their heads in using a frying pan. The possibilities are endless!

13. Escape Simulator

Want to try out the escape room experience but can’t physically go to an escape room facility with your girlfriend? No worries, you can try the virtual kind by playing this game. Team up with your partner to look for clues, solve puzzles, and find your way out of the designated escape rooms!

14. Cuphead

Travel through strange worlds, acquire cool weapons, learn powerful moves, unravel hidden secrets, and beat bosses in this highly entertaining video game. If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging to play, this is the perfect idea. You can also enjoy the nostalgic 1930s-styled animation and soundtrack!

15. Unravel Two

Unravel Two is a relaxing, puzzle-platform game where you and your girlfriend play as yarn characters who are connected by a piece of thread. Both of you have to work together to travel through beautiful environments together and solve challenging puzzles. For me, this is the ultimate couch co-op game!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should You Play Games with Your Girlfriend?

Yes, definitely! If you want to learn more about your girlfriend, deepen your bond, strengthen your communication, and just generally have fun, playing games is the best thing to do! You can even improve your other skills such as teamwork and coordination. Plus, it’s also a great stress reliever!

2. How to Make Playing Games Fun with Your Girlfriend?

Don’t get too competitive against your girlfriend. Remember, this is about having fun and not starting an argument. It’s best if you both enjoy what you play instead of fighting who should’ve won or lost.

Moreover, personalize your games! Make them about the both of you by selecting themes that can be both fun and romantic. You can also play music to set the mood, grab some snacks, or fill your surroundings with thematic decor.

3. How to Make Time for Game Nights?

Simply schedule a free date night into your calendar. If you don’t have anything planned together yet, why not play games with your girlfriend? Who knows, it might even become a regular activity that you guys will do to enjoy each other’s company.

Final Thoughts

The act of playing games can actually be helpful in maintaining a loving, healthy, and long-lasting relationship with your girlfriend. Just make sure to adopt a positive, open-minded attitude when playing so that you guys can share tons of laughter and happiness.

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