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Explain how to choose bed sheet to get a good night’s sleep.

Fitted sheets for beds Recommended

The following day after a good night’s sleep, you will feel refreshed and refreshed in mind and body. Quality of sleep is more important than time. To get a good night’s sleep, it is vital to be particular about your bedding. Most people focus on pillows and mattresses, but sheets are also essential items that should not be forgotten.

Table of contents

  • Sheets recommended by professionals
  • how to choose sheets
  • Sheet popularity ranking 15 selection
  • How to put on a fitted sheet
  • What to do if the size doesn’t fit
  • Frequently asked questions about fitted sheets
  • Recommended sheet comparison chart

1. Sheets recommended by professionals

Here are the gems selected by interior professionals. Recommended by professionals, hemp is a woven fitted sheet. Refreshing sheets are made from 100% hemp. Linen may have an image of being hard, but it softens with every wash, and you can enjoy its texture. It has good water absorption, water repellency, and breathability, so it can be used hygienically and has an incredible feeling.

It is an item that seems to be especially useful for tropical nights in the summer.

Recommended by professionals Postage organic-cotton herringbone fitted sheet

“Postage” is a brand created for quality sleep. Carefully selected natural materials characterize it, and this sheet is made in Japan using organic cotton. No harmful substances are used in the manufacturing process, and the texture is soft, so even those with sensitive skin can rest assured.

The elegant and chic colours will give your bedroom a sense of calmness. Because of the high-quality organic cotton, it is an item that babies can use. The texture is very soft and comfortable, and it has an addictive and gentle touch that makes you want to be wrapped in your bare skin.

2. How to choose sheets

You can get a deep and comfortable sleep by choosing the proper sheets. First, let’s learn a little about sheets.

Let’s know the roles and functions of the sheets. To choose the ideal sheets, it is essential to understand the roles and functions of the sheets correctly.

Role of sheets

The sheet’s role is to maximize the performance of the futon while protecting it from being damaged or torn. During sleep, a space is created between the body and the futon. The temperature and humidity in this space are called the “in-bed weather”. It is said that the conditions of “in-bed weather” for a person to have an ideal deep sleep are a temperature of 33°C ± 1°C and a humidity of 50% ± 5% . The sheet’s role is to support the creation of this environment, but it must have the necessary functions to fulfil its role.

Functions required for bed sheet

The four essential features of a sheet are:

  1. Moisturizing
  2. Hygroscopic
  3. Divergence
  4. Breathability

During sleep, a person perspires about one cup of sweat per night. 30% of that sweat is absorbed by the comforter and 70% by the pillow and mattress. At this time, the sheets must also have the above functions so that the futon can quickly absorb and dissipate sweat. Look for sheets that have all the features you can afford.

Sheet material that helps the performance of the futon

The difference between sheets that help the performance of the futon and sheets that do not is in the material. In other words, checking the material is especially important when choosing sheets.

25cm Fitted Sheet materials are divided into two types.

Chemical fibre

Petroleum-based fabrics such as nylon and polyester. It feels good on the skin with instant coolness and warmth. Many of them are reasonably priced, so they are a strong ally for those who want to replace them frequently. However, it does not absorb sweat as it lacks hygroscopicity. It is a suitable material for waterproof sheets used in nursing care.

If you unintentionally kick your futon while sleeping, the sheets made of synthetic fibers may be damp.

Natural fibre

Plant fibres such as hemp and cotton and animal fibres such as duck, goose and camel are classified.

Natural fibres from the natural world breathe by themselves and work to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity. Therefore, it becomes a material that is gentle on the body and does not get stuffy and helps the performance of the futon. The material is also related to the skin’s dryness and the hair’s degree of damage.

Low moisture retention of bedding can cause irritation and dryness, making skin problems, split ends, and hair breakage easier.

Static electricity may occur due to friction.

The point is that natural materials with moisturizing properties are suitable for beauty. If you have skin problems or split ends, choose sheets made from natural materials as much as possible.

The difference in feel is due to the material.

The two types of sheet material, chemical fibre and natural fibre, have different textures. Recently, there have been mixed materials of polyester and cotton, so please choose according to your preference and purpose.

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