Electronic Medical Record: A New Medical Technology Walk Through

Electronic Medical Record

The electronic medical record, or EMR, has been redesigned by technology to suit the 21st-century medical practice. The entire process has been wrapped around your finger. In other words, information, records, superbill, transcription, soap notes, and medical procedure codes are all at your fingertips.

All electronic medical records have been organized and stored in a variety of ways, usually depending on the needs and budget of the practice. Often, multiple databases store patient information, medical collection, medical transcription, and other information vital to effective medical practice management.

Technology has simplified electronic medical records every step of the way by streamlining the databases, even for multiple offices of the same practice, in a secure online data environment. Another reason why technology has made an electronic medical record so user-friendly, is that it now saves practices money, through simple installation and management.

A Tour of the Medical Process

Technology can be a scary thing sometimes, so it is important to research the positives and negatives of adopting new technologies, especially in the medical profession. Accurate and complete information in an EMR system is a type of “preventative medicine,” which not only protects the patient but also the medical practice.

“Keep to the code” is not only a good line for a blockbuster pirate movie but also for medical practices. There are many codes to keep track of, and they are all necessary to keep around and refer to you. New medical office software includes easy access to icd9 codes, 2004 CPT codes, diagnosis codes, and HCFA 1500 forms.

Medical office software also must be managed by a qualified medical billing specialist with a qualified HIPPA consultant available to assist in the processing of the electronic medical record. Medical office software puts practices in touch with qualified individuals to help process the electronic medical record.

In addition to working with codes and qualified consultants, medical billing software, medical claim software, and electronic claim processing combine their technology in order to manage all claims and billing, including Medicare billing. But, medical office software packages also remember to include access and management of every medical transcription job created on a transcription machine.

Electronic Medical Record Accessibility

In short, those who are not authorized have no access and those who are authorized have very simple and convenient access. Electronic medical records are secured and even backed up, allowing access codes and login information only to those who are authorized.

Those who are authorized not only have access at their office but also by medical billing PDA, which allows records and appointments to be managed on a PDA. Download medical palm is a convenient way to work with real-time information and to manage a medical practice, even when away from the office.

Technological Catch-22

The catch with technology will always be “fear not” on one hand, and “be careful” on the other. It is no different with new medical technology for medical practices. This article has provided terms and links to assist medical practices in getting started on learning new technology and making educated decisions on effective and affordable technology to adopt.

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