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50+ Perfect “Dating Me is Like” Hinge Prompt Responses

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by Josephine Fuller
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Guessing what it would be like to date your online matches is next to impossible due to dating app limitations. Thankfully, Hinge has come up with an innovative way of overcoming this: through the use of prompts. One such prompt is the “Dating me is Like…” which can give you a chance to show your personality!

So, what can you use as “Dating Me is Like” Hinge prompt responses? You can try the following:

  • Discovering WiFi in the middle of the desert or forest—astounding yet utterly delightful.
  • Riding a rollercoaster in the dark with plenty of highs than there are lows. The fun never stops, and you can never get off it!
  • The first sip of coffee on a warm Saturday morning.
  • Diving into the depths of an underground river and a cavern that awaits you.

For more of these amazing prompt responses, you can read this article further for my tailor-made compilation to make sure you attract potential matches!

15 Unique “Dating Me is Like” Hinge Responses

If you want to let everyone know you’re one of a kind and definitely not like other people, you can use these special responses so that they will truly have a lasting impact on anyone who views your profile.

Dating me is like…

  1. Discovering Wi-Fi in the middle of the desert or forest—astounding yet utterly delightful. What can you say? You’re full of surprises to the extent that no one could ever guess your next move!
  2. An unexpected promotion, with an eyebrow-raising pay raise, a cake from your employer, and a celebratory feast! In other words, dating you is just win after win after win. Every moment with you is a victory in and of itself.
  3. When you break open a fortune cookie and notice that your fortune sounds so eerily accurate, it must have been fate for you to read it! Whoever ends up reading your prompt might feel an explicable connection with you; who knows!
  4. Reading a book with high stakes and tons of plot twists. This indicates that, based on past experiences, you keep the romantic tension or flirty atmosphere going without letting anyone get bored because you’re that great!
  5. Going to your local thrift store, finding a pair of jeans that fits so snugly on the first try, and it’s even on sale! — Let them know whoever they may be, it’ll feel as if it’s fate that you guys get to meet on Hinge.
  6. Skydiving for the first time without any parachute on—heart-stopping, electrifying, and unforgettable.— I hope people don’t take this way too seriously and view this as indicating that you’re an animated person with quirks that no one could ever forget.
  7. Trying to beat a kid at a video game but losing each and every time. — This is also a great line that can describe you because it can be interpreted as dating you is inevitable no matter how hard someone resists your charms.
  8. Having pineapple on your pizza: controversial and highly debatable, but it can amusingly add flavor to your life. I mean pizza. — Relating food with dating is such a timelessly classic move that anyone (with good vibes) would laugh at.
  9. Getting a hot shower after a week of camping in the woods. — There’s nothing more relaxing than doing so, which is why you get to show Hinge users that you can be someone they can unwind with after having fun.
  10. Waking up the next morning after a night of drinking and not having any sliver of a hangover. — You know what they call that? A miracle. Let people know that you can be the miracle they’ve been asking the dating gods for!
  11. The four-leaf clover you weren’t looking for but found anyway. — Show everyone how you’re a one-in-a-million match with this response. The rarity of finding a four-leaf clover should be emphasized.
  12. An Amazon package. You don’t know exactly what you’ve ordered, but you’re excited to find out anyway! — This goes out to everyone who (or who might not be) chronically online shoppers. They would likely check your profile out because of this response.
  13. Having a partner, best friend, and sidekick all in one neatly tied package (me!) — You’re an amazing person who could fulfill all three of these roles, so you should let everyone on Hinge know that!
  14. Learning a new language: difficult to understand at first, but ultimately a rewarding experience. — It takes time for you to fully show your truest self to anyone, so you should convey that they need some patience but shouldn’t worry because it will work out in the end.
  15. Receiving a surprise gift on your birthday. You never quite know what exactly you’re getting, but you bet it’s something awesome anyway! — Talk about modern dating, am I right? But don’t let that scare potential dates away by letting them know you’re totally awesome.
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15 Funny and Witty “Dating Me is Like” Hinge Responses

Did you know that a sense of humor is an important indicator of attraction when it comes to the world of dating? Science even proves it! It’s highly likely that you’d snag a date or two if your responses to these prompts make your profile viewers laugh.

Dating me is like…

  1. Riding a rollercoaster in the dark with plenty of highs than there are lows. The fun never stops, and you can never get off it! — Let them know they’re in for lots of laughter and excitement when it comes to you.
  2. Winning a Nobel Prize because it’s an honor and privilege — Need I say more, really? Give them a good hearty laugh or a surprised chuckle when they read this witty response.
  3. Getting caught singing your heart out in the shower to a Beyonce song—slightly embarrassing, but hey, at least I can put on a good show — This shows that you can be incredibly fun to be with.
  4. Learning the latest TikTok dance trend, stiff and awkward at first but becomes strangely fun and addictive — Listen, we’ve all been there! I’m pretty sure anyone who stumbles on your profile would know what I mean.
  5. Watching the first episode of Game of Thrones — You can also use other famous TV shows that have a lot of stuff going on or have twists and turns in every episode, such as The 100 or Succession.
  6. You wake up in alarm, thinking you must’ve overslept and are late for school/work, but then you remember it’s a weekend.— People would likely interpret that you might be scary at first, but you’re actually pretty chill.
  7. A cup of your favorite local coffee shop decaf. All the adrenaline, minus the anxiety!— You’re full of enthusiasm, energy, and vibrancy, which makes you immediately approachable (hopefully on Hinge too).
  8. Adopting a new puppy. I’m adorable, but beware, I might pee on your floor the moment you turn your eyes away. — For legal reasons, this is a joke, and I hope you manage to snag someone who gets this kind of humor.
  9. Rewatching all episodes of Friends, complete with all the laugh tracks incorporated.— There’s never a dull moment with you, and if an avid fan stumbles upon your profile, they’ll immediately realize that for sure.
  10. Falling for an April Fool’s joke—you’re skeptical at first, and you know you shouldn’t fall, but you did anyway! — Yes, you’re that irresistible, and you need the world to know that it’s inevitable to like someone as yourself.
  11. The plot twist in a telenovela—is dramatic but hella amusing. — I’m pretty sure we’ve all stumbled upon a scene or two straight from a telenovela, at least on the internet, and know how dramatic they can get, but they are actually ridiculous in reality.
  12. Watching a late-night horror movie marathon with tons of jumpscares—thrilling but with a touch of terror. — If this doesn’t make them laugh but also simultaneously entice their curiosity, then I don’t know what will, honestly!
  13. When you autocorrect, automatically change “I’m home” to “I’m awesome”—a total mistake, but it’s terribly accurate! — If I stumbled upon your profile, I would definitely let go of a startled chuckle or hearty laugh with this one.
  14. Getting stuck in an elevator with your favorite stand-up comedian. — People just can’t help themselves as they end up laughing at your antics and your great sense of humor.
  15. Staying up late to watch a meteor shower but accidentally falling asleep just minutes before. — You’re basically saying dating you is anticlimactic, but hey, self-deprecating humor might actually snag some potential dates more than you think.

13 Romantic "Dating Me Is Like" Hinge Responses

If you want prompt responses that can attract those who are looking for serious relationships, showing how warm, affectionate, and romantically attractive you can be is the way to go.

Dating me is like…

  1. The first sip of coffee on a warm Saturday morning. — You’re the perfect way to start a day! You can also be quite sweet when you want to be bitter if you’re mistreated, so anyone who tries should beware.
  2. Wearing your favorite cardigan. — You’re soft and warm, you feel at home, and you make people feel like it’s right in the world. This short but sweet response will capture the attention of anyone who’s as romantic as you!
  3. A picnic in the park when it’s nice and sunny outside. Tranquil is relaxing and peaceful. — Let people know you’re a chill person who also brings warmth and radiance to any room you go into.
  4. Putting on your most comfortable pair of sweatpants. — This shows potential matches that you’re someone they can be their most genuine selves with, without having to pretend or put up a façade just to impress you.
  5. Watching the sunset on a warm summer evening or watching the sunrise on a cozy morning. — Any of these choices would evoke the heart-swelling emotions of watching the sun either rise or go down. This lets potential dates know you’re warm and beautiful!
  6. Waking up and finding your dog all snuggled up against you. — Let’s be honest here: this is probably the best feeling in the world, and that’s how potential matches should interpret your response! Unless, of course, they’re quite allergic to dogs.
  7. Putting music from your playlists on shuffle and never wanting to skip any song.— This goes out to everyone who doesn’t have their music organized because any genre can play, which makes it a good representation of what dating looks like.
  8. Getting a new gym subscription. You don’t know for sure what you’re signing up for, but eventually, you’ll realize it’s good for your heart.— cheesy, I know, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who’d definitely be attracted to this response!
  9. A box of chocolates. Sweet, but it may come with a few nuts for good measure. — You may be sweet and affectionate, but you’re also fun to be with, making you quite an enjoyable potential partner!
  10. Having that perfect first bite of your favorite food. — Is there anything better than this? Not only have you endorsed yourself, but you also already have an icebreaker for anyone who hearts your response by asking about their favorite food!
  11. Get a free extra scoop of ice cream from your favorite ice cream shop. — Express to your profile viewers that dating you isn’t just receiving a sweet treat, but it can also be unexpected bliss. Plus, this also gives you a great first-date idea!
  12. Always having a plus one, even if there’s no special event to attend. — Convey that you will always be there for them, no matter the occasion or even when there isn’t one!

Curling up in bed after a long, tiring day. Skincare did and everything! — You’re a form of rest and relaxation, so you should let your potential dates know that.

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8 Edgy and Mysterious “Dating Me is Like” Hinge Responses

Okay, you want to establish that you’re not like other people; I get it. That’s why I’ve come up with edgy and mysterious responses for you to choose from. Let potential dates become curious so that they’d have no choice but to hit you up.

Dating me is like…

  1. Diving into the depths of an underground river and a cavern that awaits you. — Your profile visitors would have no choice but to connect with you more so that they can know the mysteries you hide.
  2. Solving a murder mystery in an old, abandoned mansion. — This tells people that even if they’re too scared to try to get to know, once they do, it would be a wonderful and satisfying feat.
  3. Exploring a train tunnel in the middle of the night, and the only way out is through. — They don’t know what they’re in for, and the only way to satisfy their curiosity would be to talk to you.
  4. An unplanned road trip on an unfamiliar route—unpredictable but invigorating. — You can be full of twists and turns, seemingly never running out of surprises, but every moment with you is electrifying.
  5. Navigating your way through an ancient labyrinth to look for missing treasure. — It’s another way of saying that although they’re going to work their way into knowing all about you, they will definitely gain something valuable in the end.
  6. Drinking alcohol during a strictly imposed liquor ban. — You know it’s dangerous if you get caught, but you just can’t help but take a sip or two (or more) of your favorite guilty pleasure.
  7. Trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. You couldn’t figure me out at first, but you’ll have fun trying! —
  8. A game of chess. It’s strategic and can be quite challenging at times, but it could turn out to be a fun experience. — Sure, some might be put off by this response, but there would surely be plenty who are up for the challenge, trust me!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you write a good Hinge prompt response?

First, try describing yourself as if you’re on the first day of class and you need to introduce yourself. Condense as much information as possible, add some quirky ways of saying them, and viola! Make sure your responses still represent an aspect of yourself to make it authentic but fun nonetheless.

2. How do you respond to "Dating is Me Like" Hinge prompts?

Again, your answer should be reflective of who you are. Tweak our “Dating Me is Like” Hinge answers if you want to make them tailor-fit to your personality and other quirks. Change your responses regularly so the intrigue never ends when it comes to your dating profile.

3. How do I showcase my personality on Hinge prompts?

By choosing what type of responses, you would go for. If you want to be known as warm and sweet, go for romantic, or if you want to exhibit a rather mysterious vibe, you can always choose edgy responses. On the other hand, if you want to be known for your great sense of humor, go for funny and witty ones!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read all the “Dating Me is Like” Hinge prompt answers, make sure to choose which one represents you the best. You can customize it to better fit your personality or traits that you want potential matches to know. You’ll be attracting so many great people in no time!

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