Dark Blue Groom Suits: The Color That Never Goes Out of Style

Dark Blue is an elegant, versatile and, above all, timeless color. If you are looking for wedding suits, then you hit the right tone. In its different shades, the blue groom suit has taken center stage from the traditional black and gray suits. And it is that it is an elegant, versatile and very easy to combine color that, moreover, adapts well to different types of bride and groom and styles of celebrations.

Dark Blue Suits

There are for all likes. From an elegant dark blue morning suit in cold wool, to a modern Slim fit suit in cobalt blue. Or from a glamorous royal blue tuxedo in satin, to a cool ducat blue linen suit for beach weddings.

Whether in sophisticated or informal suits, the truth is that a dark blue fresco suit is capable of making any groom stand out with his wedding dress, while combining wonderfully with various colors. Among them, with pale pink, burgundy, yellow and camel, apart from the classic black and gray. And if the suit will be a plaid print, green with blue is a good option. In this way, blue is not only possible to exploit for its various textures and nuances, but also for the multiple combinations it allows.

Matching Accessories

If you will choose a blue suit, you can choose some of the accessories in your groom’s wardrobe to match. There are two recurring options:

either you select a blue suit and the vest in the same tone, with a shirt and tie in a different color. Either you choose the blue suit and the tie or humita in the same tone, while the vest in a different one. The boutonniere can be matching or contrasting.

Now, if you are really a fan of blue, then you can choose all your clothes in this color, but in different shades. For example, a blue Oxford suit, with a light blue shirt and an indigo blue patterned tie. And the shoes? If the marriage is formal, the protocol indicates that the shoes must always be black or, as a second preference, brown. Only in more relaxed settings, such as a beach wedding, wearing blue espadrilles will look good. However, if you don’t want blue to be the dominant color in your bridal outfit, then choose it as a complementary tone. For example, go for a gray suit with a bluish vest and vest. Or for a beige suit with a blue cut and boutonniere.

Match with the couple

Whether you will wear the blue suit or just the accessories, it is an excellent color to combine with the accessories with your partner, be it a bride or a groom. Therefore, if your color will be blue, if you are a bride you can opt for a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas, sapphire jewelry or blue shoes. While if it is a boyfriend, they can wear the same dresses or combine only the accessories in the tone, such as the boutonniere or the tie.

With the Best Men?

Since the objective is not to wear uniforms, but rather combined, one idea is that, for example, everyone wears the same patterned blue socks, which will allow them to take some fun photos. Or they can also be the same vests, suspenders, belts among other accessories. It will depend on the suit you choose and how the same or different you want to look like your best men. Another interesting proposal is that you wear a dark blue suit and them in a lighter tone. Thus, in the photos, the groom will be clearly distinguished from his men of honor.

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