Custom jewelry boxes help your brand to grow

Get a premium quality personalized jewelry box with your logo by booking your order with our hassle-free process. These boxes are a walking commercial of your brand out to the masses. Furthermore, it helps you to distinguish your brand identity. The custom logo ornament packaging box is sure to create a unique identity for your brand as we put extreme dedication and thought into its creation. You have the highest degree of perfection so that customers can recognize and remember your brand at first sight. Your box design is crafted with the utmost precision by our experts so you can make an impact and grab people’s attention.

We mold our durable material into different shapes and sizes according to your jewelry:

Our expert designers, create unique shapes and irregular styles for your jewelry items that give fresh look to your products. Let’s have an exposure of our Shape & Style Collection to choose from a multitude of shapes ranging from rectangles, squares to cubes, and style options for these boxes from tuck end, seal-end, two-piece to sleeve tray, and pick the one that suits best for your jewelry items. If you are unsure of the perfect shape and style for your custom jewelry box packaging, get personalized advice from our experienced packaging specialists for suggestions on choosing the right shape and style.

Modernism and customization options we offer for custom jewelry boxes:

We offer inspirational customization options and complete freedom to choose what you want in your jewelry box. We can make boxes in any shape, size, and color you want. Through eye-catching color schemes and decorative accessories, you can print your boxes to make them stand apart from competitors. We can make boxes of all sizes, from small to large, to meet the packing needs of small jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other large ornaments. You can also make your box stand out by choosing from a variety of finish options, including spot UV, water-based coating, foil stamping, gloss, matte, and lining.

Moreover, you can choose decorative accessories such as ribbons, stretch loops, lace, and fabric flowers to add a royal touch to your jewelry box. Choose a jewelry box with a window that lets customers see the color of the ornaments inside and encourage them to buy. Choose a decorative box made of cardboard with insertions to ensure the protection of fragile decorative items. Plus, if you want to add a touch of glamor to your decorations go for a gold foil jewelry box. Whatever customization options you choose, we manufacture these custom jewelry boxes with special discounts at competitive prices. offers eco-friendly, product-safe material packaging for fragile jewelry items:


Expensive and fragile items such as jewelry require special attention as they can break even from the slightest drop. Our material hub for custom jewelry boxes, includes premium card stock, biodegradable kraft paper, and luxurious, sturdy cardboard. Whatever material you choose for your custom jewelry box, it will thoroughly protect your delicate jewelry from damage caused by sharp impacts, external pressure, and drops. Whether you’re packing dozens of ornaments together or displaying them individually, a variety of durable and sturdy materials, protective liners, and custom dividers are available. So, your custom jewelry packaging boxes can be protected as much as you need. We are an eco-conscious company and provide our clients with a hundred percent recyclable boxes. Because we know the ways to sustain our environment. We produce these custom jewelry boxes from biodegradable materials and ink.

We offer custom jewelry boxes at wholesale prices with the fastest shipping time:

If you are running out of box ideas, our expert will suggest a box design for free and help you make beautiful jewelry in his box. Get the box at an unbeatable price without compromising on quality and keep your beautiful jewelry in pristine condition. We will send you the price including all taxes. Plus, no shipping costs, and a customized box is delivered right to your door with a quick turnaround.

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