What Type of Printing Best For Custom Display Packaging Boxes?

Custom Display Packaging Boxes

Are you a new brand with no experience in custom display packaging boxes personalization? Might be possible when you place an order for a box, you didn’t get the same color and the quality of designing patterns you were expecting before.

It happens so many times with customers. The colors they see on the screen are often different from the actual colors in which they get their boxes. As a matter of fact, you’ll never get 100% the same printing result when you go for packaging customization.

Why Should You Need To Know About Printing Types First?

With knowledge about technology and the right selection of printing techniques can get the printing results nearest to 100%. It all depends upon what type of printing you are going to choose. Moreover, printing results also depend on the type of material you have.

That’s why you need to know about every printing technique before selecting one for your packaging boxes. Because most packaging designers and company owners are doing the same mistake.

Save Your Thousands of Dollars from Wastage:

They select any random printing method for their boxes and get them in different shades of their selected colors. That’s why we have come up with detailed articles on what type of printing technique could be the best match for your box. So that we can save you from losing thousands of dollars.

Custom Display Packaging Boxes

Basic Difference between Offset and Digital Printing:

Here In this article, we will talk about digital and offset printing. Because these types of printings are best for all types of packaging materials being used for custom printed display boxes these days. Let’s begin with offset printing.

  1. Offset Printing Technique:

For offset printing, we need specific plates to imprint a required design of a custom box on the boards. It needs a one-time setup cost and from there we can print as many boxes as we want. The best example of this printing is magazine or newspaper printing. Books are also printed through this type of printing in bulk.

  • This type of printing needs a big setup and space for all the offset printing machines.
  • If you want wholesale custom display packaging boxes then offset printing is the best match for you.
  • This printing is best for superior quality images.
  • This printing is cost-efficient in case of bulk orders and saves your printing time as well.
  • But if you have a low volume of packaging boxes you need to print then offset printing will be very expensive for you.

Hence if you need to go for a small volume of boxes to print, then digital printing will be good for you.

  1. Digital Printing Technique :

Digital Printing is a technique, in which we use printers (laser or inkjet) to get our required pattern printed over the packaging boards. This is the same as how you print papers at your home or office. In this type of printing, you don’t need any plate or setup costs. The only thing you need is a printer and ink.

  • This type of printing doesn’t need big space or heavy machinery. It could be done through one printer.
  • No doubt it is also a good quality printing but less than offset.
  • This type of printing is with a fixed price. Either it is for one box or one thousand boxes. That’s why it is an expensive option for bulk orders.
  • If you need a low volume of boxes then you’ll not have to pay for setup costs. In that way, it will be a budget-friendly option for you.
  • This type of printing has a quick turnaround time.

After this comparison, I believe you are capable enough to consider what type of printing technique you need right now for your custom packaging display boxes.

Material Select for Best Printing Result:

If you are making your display boxes in rigid style it is good to go for offset printing. Because for this type of boxes we can’t afford poor quality printing. If your box will not give good vibes to your target customer then he will never buy your product. Moreover, these boxes are usually displayed on the main racks of stores so that more people can see them.

In this regard, if you want the best quality printing, you can go with cardstock.


Here this type of material is matchless for both digital and offset printing in terms of the best quality. Moreover, it is also affordable in rates. It is a durable material but not a perfect option for long-distance shipments.

That’s why boxes made with this material are best for showcase purposes but not good for deliveries. In this case, you need to add some extra safety gadgets to your box.

Cardboard and Corrugated:

Now if you want to make your custom-printed display boxes durable as well we will suggest you go for cardboard or corrugated materials. These materials are also good for good quality printing and are durable enough to keep your product safe.


Kraft is a material that we will not suggest you go with if you are looking for the best quality printing. Because this material absorbs inks and shows colors so much dull.

But the benefit of going with Kraft is that you’ll save a lot of your money. You’ll not have to pay a lot for designing and printing. Moreover, this material is affordable rates.

The last and the biggest benefit of this material is its eco-friendly nature. You’ll keep the environment clean from toxic chemicals and packaging waste through this material.


We would like to conclude this article by saying, in order to make your custom display packaging boxes stick, you must go with the right printing technique. Moreover, for good quality printing, it is also important to go with the appropriate packaging material. You can also visit Fast Custom Boxes and get your small custom boxes printed either through digital or offset techniques. Moreover, we make your boxes within your budget without losing quality. Looking forward to working with you 🙂

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