Custom CBD Packaging: 5 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition

Custom CBD Packaging is an excellent way to promote your business and products. Do you sell CBD? If so, it’s important to attract the attention of potential customers and make your items stand out from all the others on the shelf. Custom CBD boxes can do just that, drawing the eye and making you memorable. 

Learn more about how these packaging boxes can help you sell more products today.

What Are Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes are a great way to leave an impactful first impression on clients. All boxes are produced using the same quality products, but that doesn’t mean they all look the same, unlike standard paper gift boxes, which come in set sizes and colors. Besides, they can be designed to match your brand’s needs and personality.

Use Custom Printed Boxes

CBD is taking over the market in various industries and with increased legality. This plant-based therapy is growing in popularity. Creating custom boxes that reflect your business is an excellent way to stand out amongst your competition and create a professional image. With these four unique ways to design custom CBD packaging, you’ll never have to worry about looking plain again.

  • Print your logo on the box in color or black and white. 
  • Print a label or sticker on a blank surface for your logo.
  • Personalize it with initials or the first name of the buyer.
  • Cover up what was already printed with more of your branding (ex., logos, contact information).

Think Outside The Box

Custom CBD packaging is a growing trend in medical and retail markets. Many companies use off-the-shelf boxes. However, custom boxes offer a chance to boost your brand identity in the market. It also shows you have an understanding of buyers’ needs.

Therefore consider using innovative ideas while working on CBD Packaging. Print hand-drawn artwork or illustrations that illustrate what their items do or their intended purpose. For example, The Oakland Sugar Company uses illustrations of people relaxing in a hammock for their custom hemp box packaging. Hemp calms anxiety and pain, making it an appropriate drawing choice for this type of product.

Personalize It With Embossing

Ever wonder how you can make your CBD Packaging boxes stand out? With custom CBD packaging that is embossed, you’ll have a box that is not only distinct but will also go well with your branding. The process starts with a concept and ends with producing your custom-branded Packaging. Your customized boxes will have a distinctive design by adding an engraved pattern or logo to your standard, laser-cut wooden box.

With embossing and custom branding, tracking which users are going for what type of goods is easy. It is an affordable way for those who want personalized cartons without the extra cost of designing them themselves.

Engrave Your Logo

There are multiple ways you can ensure your logo is the face of your company. One way is by engraving it on custom CBD packaging. 

Investing in custom boxes that feature a logo design or simply engraving your existing boxes can ensure everyone who buys products knows they’re buying them from you. The material type and logo design contribute to how much detail appears on each side. Engraved images will be as sharp and clear as they are on the original wood carving. At the same time, stamped images will not typically be as high quality.

Endless Customization Possibilities 

You can design custom CBD Packaging in creative shapes, styles, and patterns. The options are endless. Besides, you can make these boxes more appealing with trendy printing techniques. There are many printing options available in the market, including: 

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing
  • CMYK printing 
  • PMS printing 

There are several packaging materials also available for custom CBD Packaging, such as:

  • Kraft 
  • Rigid
  • Corrugated 
  • Cardboard

All of such ideas help you design highly impressive CBD boxes. So, it looks aesthetically appealing on the shelves or in stores. 

The Wrap Up 

With the right Packaging material and proper designs, your custom CBD Packaging can easily gain popularity in the market. It can differentiate your goods from the generic Packaging boxes. In short, these boxes give an extra boost to your business image.

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