Create a Culture for Success – How to Win Big Using 4 Small Steps

What is a culture for success? How do we ensure that we get the best results from the people we work with or for? Many people think of success in organizations as belonging solely to the marketing dept – “we’ve brought in $ 10 million in sales” or finance – “our stock price has doubled in the last six months.” But each of us is responsible for the success of our organizations.

No matter what department we work in.

Creating a culture for success requires that we look at everything we do and see how it fits into the whole. Then, we look at the processes that could be changed or improved in order for the organization to be successful.

These 4 steps can add up to winning big.

Communicate optimism.

Begin by looking at yourself. Do you radiate success? When you come to work do you hum “take this job and shove it” or do you energetically belt out “don’t rain on my parade”? Are you optimistic about how the day will go and do you communicate that optimism to everyone you come in contact with? It doesn’t take much to communicate optimism. A smile – an encouraging word – a zest for the work at hand – they all help to convey a positive demeanor.

Don’t blame the competition.

So you’ve got really tough competitors out there? Sneaky, underhanded, unethical- making up rumors about you- they’re just looking for any opportunity to steal your clients away from you. I don’t think so. The competition will always be with us. And not everyone will do business the way you want to. But…how did they get it in the first place? What was missing in your product or service? Look at your weakness and confront it. Then do something about it. Your competition can’t steal business from you. You don’t own those revenues, the clients do. It’s up to them to make sure they’re getting the best product or service or value for the dollars being spent.

Identify simple improvements.

You don’t have to concentrate on just the big jobs that need to be done. Sometimes the best improvements are the simple ones. A raindrop doesn’t end a drought but many rain drops will.

Never say “can’t”.

This is a personal favorite. I’ve sat in many meetings listening to people say “can’t” to the solutions that would create successful products or promotions. For example, you don’t know if the marketing campaign you are working on is bringing in the specific type of accounts you wanted because you can’t mine the database properly. Well, figure out how you can. Even if a solution is an up-front cost- figure out how much will it cost you not to implement. Don’t be afraid to use simple solutions. Can’t automate a process right now? Figure out how it can be done by hand. There is always a workaround solution to a problem.

Creating a culture for success isn’t really that difficult. It doesn’t always require in-depth market research or focus groups. It does require that each person in an organization take personal responsibility to be as successful as possible. Whether it’s a business, social, religious, or fraternal organization, creating a culture for success starts with you.


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