Conflicts of Interest at the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has set forth an agenda to revamp the Franchise Rule. Actually not revamp and get rid of the unnecessary over regulation and over disclosure, but to re-define it and pile on more minutia. The Federal Trade Commission ought to re-consider all these potential rule changes and advise from attorneys in the industry because such comments and advise are self serving and do not help consumers. Attorney firms might hire Federal Trade Commission staff in the future and therefore many see vast amounts of abuse of power and conflict of interest. Basically you cannot trust them anymore; the regulators today who will be attorneys in private practice tomorrow in a constant revolving door, serving no free American.

It should be noted all those Law Firms who commented in the rule making period and got their wishes; then correlate where Federal Trade Commission staff go to work in the future. Any Federal Trade Commission staff, attorney going to such law firms ought to be fined, imprisoned and have their pensions immediately revoked, or in a more perfect world simply shot for treason against the country.

We seem to have a complete double standard here, which is quite obvious from anyone on the outside looking in. Government must be held completely accountable for their actions, abuses of power and should be jailed, made example of in the media or shot for treason, if we are to have a fair system. Any referee who purposely calls foul of a team, which has not broken the rules should be discharged with out monetary consideration from the current game and barred from ever playing in any game, related industry or admission to the hall of fame.

Conflict of interest, abuse of power and prostitution of truth and justice are common at the Federal Trade Commission and no one will fix the problem. We should demand absolute integrity from this agency. Think about it.

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