Confirmed: the new Mitsubishi Triton will be available in 2022!

The all-new Mitsubishi Triton will be available in 2022 as the brand looks to rebound from devastating financial results with a new product assault on our markets.

Today, Mitsubishi confirmed that it will stop selling new cars in Europe and the brand will focus on what it considers to be its strongest markets, including Australia and the Asia Pacific.

One of the main tools in the plan will be the new Mitsubishi Triton 2022, a brand already confirmed to appear in the 2022 Japanese financial year, which begins on April 1, 2022.

It forms part of a “small but beautiful” business plan to reduce the 140 billion yen ($180 million) operating loss expected at the end of Japan’s fiscal year in March 2021, the company’s biggest loss in 15 years. Mitsubishi said the focus will be on ” delivering our reliability through four-wheel drive and off-road performance.”

“We will shift our strategy from full expansion to selection and concentration,” said Mitsubishi CEO Takao Kato. “First, we will complete structural changes and further strengthen our competitive field – ultimately creating a company structure that can certainly generate profits in this medium-term period. :.

We know that the next-generation Triton will share its platform with the Nissan Navara, and while it was initially thought to look similar as well, we now understand that each ute will receive a unique design treatment.

But while the looks may be different, the important stuff isn’t, as the engine, transmission, drivetrain, steering and suspension will be shared between the vehicles.

According to the plan, the plug-in hybrid Eclipse Cross will be launched first. and we already know that next year will see the launch of the new Outlander, which the brand promises will “be the quietest, best-equipped Mitsubishi Australia has ever seen …… bold, radical and different The look of …… will be surprisingly much”.

But we also now know that it will launch a new plug-in hybrid version and a new Outlander PHEV is planned for 2022. the brand promises that the new model will “further refine our PHEV technology”.

The race is not over yet, there is currently a new Pajero Sport dedicated to the 2023 launch, and two “all-new models” yet to be named. For now, few details about the new models are still known, but with the Pajero Sport considered the brand’s halo model, fans will be happy to hear of its continued existence.

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