Comparison between the Toyota Yaris and the Volkswagen Polo

Modern microcars have been responsible for routines in our daily life. They are often the indispensable second vehicle for trips to and from kindergarten, supermarket, cottage, work, and anything you think it is in need of. Of course, they are also carriers of expectations to be stable so they can maintain a good condition for a long time while sometimes they are treated as a great partner for any occasion. People also put emphasis on fuel consumption, a comfortable experience for them, etc.

Luckily, there are many subcompact cars that can be our options nowadays. Two strong competitors in the car-selling game last year were the Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen Polo, both of which were ranked in the top five, a brilliant score. The Toyota Yaris shoulders the Mini’s responsibilities in a modern hybrid fashion, while the Volkswagen Polo is a representative of traditional cars. However, it is definitely not the only difference between these two car models.

Maybe some subcompact lovers would be curious about one thing: Which one is more suitable to carry on the tasks of subcompact cars? Although the Toyota Yaris or the Volkswagen Polo both perform well in terms of their characteristic function, I have a preference for one of them. You can guess the answer and I will unveil it later.

Usually, I start with soft values ​​like material quality or driving characteristics – but I’ll put them on hold for now. Because when I started my review, microcars were given a lot of practical responsibility in everyday life, which is why it seemed obvious to grab the horns in space and practice.

The suitcase must be able to hold everything from football shirts and boots for weekend games to vacation home packing. Here, the Volkswagen Polo is the one who claims the duel’s first target. The Volkswagen Polo has a trunk capacity of 355 liters, while the Toyota Yaris has a capacity of 286 liters.

The Volkswagen Polo and Toyota Yaris have roughly the same axle dimensions, while the Polo is 13cm longer overall. This size difference not only gives the Polo a space advantage in the trunk, but it’s also felt in the back seat.

Vertically blessed rear-seat passengers never get very fat in a minivan, but they get the best of it in a Polo after all. On their knees, the two are evenly matched, while Polo crawls slightly in front of Yaris. In addition, the Yaris’ sloping roofline occupies part of the main plaza. Additionally, the Yaris’ roofline and narrow rear window make the rear seat more fuzzier and more claustrophobic than the Polo.

The cabin of the Toyota Yaris is often made in Japanese, while the cabin of the Volkswagen Polo is usually made in German. But what does it mean?

The black plastic on top is usually Japanese, and in the Yaris it makes the cabin appear mostly dim. Plastic quality fluctuates, while neither the infotainment screen nor the system seems outdated. The screen is grainy and the system is old-fashioned, as I’d already discovered in my testing of the Yaris earlier in the year. In this regard, the Japanese overall lag behind the Volkswagen Polo and other minicar competitors.

The cabin of the Volkswagen Polo is quintessentially German because all is not nonsense. order must. Everything is where you’d expect it to be and it all seems to fit together nicely. The plastic quality surprised me, and the Polo is on par with its big brother, the Volkswagen Golf 8. There are even areas where the Polo cab surpasses the Golf, as people choose to stick with a large portion of the buttons rather than the touch buttons that the Golf 8 has been criticized for.

As part of the facelift, the Volkswagen Polo gets a new steering wheel and new 10.25-inch digital gauges. The infotainment screen measures 8 inches, and it’s very sharp compared to the pressure-sensitive Yaris and iPads. The infotainment system has also been updated as part of the facelift and works seamlessly. It’s easy to find around and looks modern. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are wireless in the Polo, but are equipped with wires in the Yaris.

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