Business Community Relations Strategy

Does your company have a community business relation strategy? You need one. You need to join the team, and the community and maintain your relations with other local businesses. There are many ways to do this, one is to join your local chamber of commerce, yet only on average, 10% of the proprietors of small businesses ever do this. You should be in the top ten percent, shouldn’t you? After all, you have a lot at stake and have invested a small fortune in your American Dream, do make it count.

Ask not what your community can do for you, it is time for you to give back a little, get involved, and reap the rewards of being a community based business that cares about your current and future customers. I have put together an outline of some of the things you might do to promote your new image as a community based small business. Now realize my business is different than your business; we are in the business of Mobile Car Washing and Auto Detailing and your business is quite different. Here is what I would like you to do; take this outline and modify it to fit our small business and then put a paragraph or two next to each item. When you are done you will have a real good community based business strategy and overall plan which will serve your American Dream quite well over the coming years. Think about this and be sure to act on it as well.



A. Joining Committees

B. Board Of Directors

C. Grand Openings

D. Neighborhood Mobile Watch

E. Internet Programs

F. Distribution Of Newsletters

G. Membership Drives

H. Logo On Vehicle

I. Meeting With President

J. Meeting With Chairmen

K. Network Other Groups

L. Attending Meetings

M. Referrals – Word Of Mouth

N. Fax Sharing List


A. Fax Business Crime Alert

B. Coupon Books

C. Window Displays

D. Counter Displays

E. Business Card Books

F. Safety Posters For Break Rooms

G. Small File Box With Resumes

H. Human Resources Department Job Referrals

I. Employee Awards

1. Sales Person Of The Month

2. Top Listing Agent

J. TMA-TMO Fundraisers

K. United Way Withholding

L. Magnetic Refrigerator Ads

M. Co-Op Advertising Offers

N. Letter To The Editor

1. You

2. Managers

3. Employees

4. Franchisor

O. Hire A Woman

1. Press Releases

2. Nominate For Awards

P. Nominate People Locally

Q. Be Creative

1. Get In Newsletter

2. Franchisor, Association, or Vendor Funding


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