Create Socially Distanced Workspace

Create Socially Distanced Workspace


We’ve provided some tips for getting your home office ready for working from home, but what happens if you own(Furniture shops in Sunderland) an office with employees in your workplace right now?

What can you do to keep your social distance in check and ensure a consistent working environment by arranging the layout of your office and furniture arrangement?


Every business is not identical, but I believe that most of us are aware of the fundamental steps employees should be taking during this epidemic to ensure their health:


  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet from customers and employees
  • Frequently wash hands
  • Take your temperature before leaving to head into the office.


What is the design of your office?


If you’ve employed workstations, you may be worried that four-person workstations with small dividers don’t provide enough distance for your employees today.

If you’ve got an open office layout that has desks adjacent to or facing one another, it’s not optimal also. There’s good news that there are a few simple solutions in terms of how your employees are set up to make them a little more socially friendly.


We’ll offer some ideas for these kinds of setups and ways to change the spacing to be more aware of current guidelines for work.

What are some good alternatives if you’re thinking of changing your setup but would like to ensure that you’re maintaining these kinds of social distancing policies during the process?




You may think your space is in danger if you’ve got workstations set up for your staff; however, that’s not always the situation. If your employees can work at their homes.

Spreading individuals out without purchasing additional office furniture is entirely possible. For instance, if four workstations are shown below, and two individuals work at home, you can then arrange the other two to work in a diagonal position.


Naturally, you’d be looking to ensure that your next workstation is at least six feet from the current one.


Assigning a staff member to virtual employees will allow you to utilize the furniture and space you already have. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure you and your employees fit today.


What happens if I require all my employees to work at the office?

If having staff members working isn’t a possibility because of reasons other than yours, you can be able to make it work.

Note: Furniture stores Sunderland

However, you might need to make use of more space or purchase additional furniture for your office. If you have other spaces within your workplace that could be designated as workspace for employees.

It is possible to move them into that area. This means you’d have to buy more workstations in the space. If you have desks facing one another, you could move the desks in your new workspace so that people are scattered.


The best part is that if this is only temporary for your needs, you need to buy additional desks, and workstations could set up a time to visit our inventory of per-owned items.

This will give you top-quality office furniture choices; however, it won’t be as costly as buying new office furniture.


I’m looking to update my office furniture.


What’s the best choice and layout that’s comfortable for social distancing yet is durable?

If you’ve wanted to design an office space that is modern and better than the previous one, this is the perfect moment to start.

There’s a good chance that you don’t have any employees working in your office, making it super easy to do, or you have fewer individuals than usual who are coming into your office.

All might still be in, but upgrading your office now can give you an entirely new office layout and furniture which will be functional both immediately and after COVID. Whatever your situation may be, you’re going to win!


Office Layout

Making a beautiful office layout is always our passion. The times have changed, and it’s no different. We can conduct an assessment of your space and assist you in determining the best way to get set up for optimal workflow and efficiency and make sure that distancing practices remain in place.


Things to think about when designing your new layout


Keep desks from windows and walls to prevent dead ends from pedestrians.


Set up the layout in a manner that allows for one-way traffic.


Look over the flooring before moving furniture to see which areas of the floor are where the most trafficked are. It is possible to determine which areas of the flooring show been the most worn.


You can mark 6-foot circles around the workspace.


If you have seating or waiting areas, make sure you have tables and seats.


Get the blueprints showing your workspace to assist you in envisioning and planning how your future office space will be organized.


Put up signs to remind employees about how the office space has changed and the maximum capacity in spaces like a break or conference rooms.


Office Furniture Upgrades

Oh!! We have a myriad of choices for you. If you’re still searching for budget-friendly used furniture or you are looking to purchase something “shiny” new furniture, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas to think about:

Consider putting partitions (they might be transparent) between work areas to minimize face-to-face interactions.

These suggestions should, at the very least, set your wheels moving in the proper direction. Contact us today to learn about our new and used inventory or get expert advice regarding your layout map!


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