Bajaj Auto and Triumph Motorcycles partnership to be officially announced on January 24

Bajaj and Triumph announced a non-equity joint venture in August 2017, and the companies are expected to sign a formal agreement by December 2019. This time, the two companies will come together to formally announce the development at an upcoming meeting to be to be held on Jan. 24.

Not long ago, Triumph Motor officials confirmed that the prototype is in the testing phase. The engine will be developed to accommodate motorcycles with capacities between 250cc-750cc and different types of motorcycles have been confirmed.

In order to accommodate the newly developed engine, Bajaj had to bring its own platform to the table. “The on-board platform is not part of the agreement. The agreement is based on IP (intellectual property). bajajAuto keeps the IP they own and we keep the IP we own. there are royalties in the relationship. Use their IP to develop any product, they are perfectly free to do so, but to use Triumph IP, then we would have to have a conversation,” Steve Sargent, chief product officer for Triumph Motorcycles, said in a report. On-line.

The Indian manufacturer is unlikely to use any of the platforms in Bajaj, KTM or even Husqvarna’s existing lineup. Bajaj will have to make do with a new platform for what could be a multi-cylinder motorcycle.

The motorcycle will be produced locally and exported to the US, Europe and China. Bajaj also plans to introduce it to emerging markets in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and South America. Given that in India, Triumph will retail the new motorcycle at dealerships, Bajaj’s motorcycle is expected to be available in 2022.

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