Are You Losing Your Edge?

Challenge for working professionals today

If you are reading this, I expect you are a working professional.

The world has changed and so is the professional field.

Today, maybe you are also a doctor, accountant, lawyer or whatever title you may hold. That does not matter. My cousin is a doctor and now worries he may be cut off because the government is downsizing.

Is professional destination a guarantee for success, money or fame?

As mentioned in “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, the industrial age has passed and the information age has come. What used to be a hidden know-how, can now be performed by a minor. Knowledge is so accessible in a few buttons, right from the internet.

Knowledge used to be monopolized by a chosen few is now open to anyone. I watched an interview by BBC News last year. It was talking how the internet has changed the world…

An example:

A 15 year old kid was answering complicated legal questions by a pair of troubled couples. They were inquiring some complicated issues with asset allocation after their divorce. With the excellent professional advices provided, the couples thought they were dealing with a experienced attorney.

Note: inquiries were answered through emails

Does it ring the bell? Do you feel the heat?

What’s the lesson behind? What’s the challenge?

You may wish to listen to what Bill Gates says in his interview. Business at the speed of thought.

The world has really changed a lot and is very different from two decades ago.

You may ask yourself, what do you really want out of a professional career?

Maybe you just want to use your expertise to build a business and free yourself from the rat race. Maybe you want more time with your family. Maybe you deserve some respect and recognition as a competent professional. You may just want to explore the untapped business opportunities.


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