Apparel Manufacturing in Pakistan

Pakistan has rapidly evolved into the fashion industry’s preferred destination for acquiring fabric and garments. The combination of its experienced workforce and high-quality textiles allows it to produce high-quality clothing at a lesser cost than competitors like China, India, and Bangladesh. Pakistan produces the world’s second-best cotton, which fetches a price 20 to 25 percent lower than in other Asian countries.

Textiles and garments account for over 57% of total exports, making it the world’s sixth-largest textile exporter. Brands like Nike, Sears, and Old Navy have found success manufacturing garments in Pakistan; now you can, too, with the help of Sqetch. Tell me about the nature of your business. Exactly what sets you apart from everyone else?

Our company’s main focus is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services for the apparel industry. Who’s why we’re the best option for brands that want to have clothing made with their logo and name on it. We sell a wide variety of apparel that can be altered to fit your needs. We at Tangibal Sports are set apart from the competition because we place a premium on both product quality and client happiness.

In what ways has the pandemic impacted the fashion industry, and how is your company responding to this crisis?

Companies have found that freight prices have increased during the outbreak. As a result of the meteoric rise in freight rates, we have had to start charging our customers for shipping more than ever before. In light of this setback, we work tirelessly to offer competitive shipping rates for our customers so that they are not forced to spend more than necessary to a shipping firm.

The actual state of the world also contributed to the price increase. The cost of the raw materials we buy has, for example, increased by 100% between 2020 and 2022. That’s why we’re watching our raw material costs closely so we can maintain our prices low and competitive.

What makes Pakistan an ideal location for the garment industry?

As far as cotton goes, Pakistan is the world leader. Pakistanis, on the other hand, take great pride in their work ethic and the precision and teamwork with which they complete their tasks. You can find the highest quality clothing, medical equipment, sporting goods, musical instruments, and more in this country. Companies in Pakistan collaborate with global powerhouses including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Fila, Jack & Jones, and Alpinster. That our city is making footballs for the 2022 Fifa World Cup is a great honour for me.

Please share any words of wisdom you have for aspiring designers and fledgling labels

If you’re a fresh designer or a startup company, my advise is to share a single part with your manufacturer and try to generate a file with all instructions when you’re working on a product. In addition, deal only with reliable manufacturers who will treat your company as though it were their own.

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