An Ultimate Guide to Creating Animated Educational Videos

In this modern world students are very advanced from the past because of great life experiences and expectations which are very unique and different from previous generations. In order to learn something new, there are opportunities available for them. Animation is a very efficacious and essential teaching tool. Creation of animated videos is very beneficial in different ways in the field of education. Animated educational videos are  very helpful to convert your complex concept into a very simple and easy meaning. Everyone can understand your message which you want to provide to your students. 

What are today’s students looking for?

With the invention of the latest technologies, the educational system is now becoming more and more advanced. They want to discover new ways of education and want to go through different life experiences. Animated educational videos are playing an important role to make the educational system more advanced. Here are some essential traits that impact the classroom. 

They are true digital natives:  

In the modern digital world social media and Google have been at the fingertips of the new generation. They can easily get any type of information through the internet and can teach themselves through youtube. Learning and concept understanding from the books is not an easy task for the students. They want something different and unique for clearing their concepts. Students mostly expect instant results from teachers and through different educational videos on youtube and on other social media apps can make it easier to learn things more quickly and efficiently. 

Attention spans are shorter:

Students are now busier in their lives. They have to do other tasks along with their education. So, they wish to find easy and advanced methods of education to save their time. It is a very laborious task to keep the students engaged with hours of lessons. They find a way to understand the concepts in a few minutes. Animated videos are very helpful and can convey the right message and concept through short videos. In order to keep the students engaged you can use short correlative ventures and animated videos to snap lessons down into smaller lumps by concentrating on various skills. Animated videos are very motivated and help the students to feel more empowered. These videos are also changing the needs of modern students due to shortage of time. 

Why animation is very efficacious teaching tool:

After a lot of research it is confirmed that animation is very efficacious and powerful for education. Here are some essential key points that prove animation is very helpful for learning the complex concept in the easiest way. Animated videos are very helpful to all types of people with different ages. 

Benefits of animated videos for educators:

Animated educational videos are now very popular and essential in different ways and provide a lot of advantages for the teachers to teach their students with unique and advanced technologies and methods. 

Save time by creating lesson resources:

Animated videos are very essential to communicate with the students in a more effective way. These videos are time saving and can enhance the understanding of the students. These videos are very versatile and provide various apps to prepare your worksheets and assignments in a more eccentric and effective way. Once you have created your video you can edit your videos to make your concepts easier for the learners. Different kinds of learners with different mental calibrates can learn a lot from the animated videos. It saves the time and energy of the students and allows them to do their other tasks. 

More engaged class:

For the participation of all students in the class teaching methods must be effective and entertaining. Most of the time students start feeling bored due to lengthy lectures but powerful animated videos support the students to learn things in a more easy way and also allows the students to enjoy their class by participating actively.

Videos can be replayed as many times as required:

If you are facing difficulty understanding the complex concept and want to understand it you can replayed the video multiple times to make your concept more clear. You can rewind or pause the video any time where it is required. It is a very beneficial and efficient way for the weak students to learn their difficult lessons from these educational animated videos

How to create animated educational videos:

As you all know that animated videos are very important and are very helpful in different ways to make the education easy. Video creation is a very laborious task and you need to follow the proper process to create your educational videos to grab the attention of the students. 

Planning: First step is to make plans about your topic and information which you want to deliver to your students. Your video must have simple language and objects that should be easy to understand for everyone. 

Scripting: After planning you have to prepare a script of your animated video. Without script writing you cannot make impressive and inspiring videos for your viewers. You should select the best images and find the suitable easy words for your videos. 

Record voice over:

After scripting you should start making your educational animated video. Insertion of voice over is a very essential step. The voice you use in your video should be clear and loud. 

Final touch:

After adding different charts, objects, text, images and voice over you need to revise your full video again to find any mistakes or errors. Your educational videos must have the ability to make education easy for everyone. 


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