A few handy moving tips and packing instructions

Start packing well in advance. Arrange protective packaging material you need, like protective covers, mattress storage bag, etc. Even if you are only going to move in a few months, pack some things that you don’t need (anymore) anyway. Visit Britwrap to buy packaging material.

What’s in the moving box?

Write down what is in the box and what space it is intended for at the new address. For example, Content cupboards, Master bedroom, Toys, Attic bedroom or content kitchen cupboards, Kitchen etc. etc. Always use our removal labels for this. You will receive this from us when the moving boxes are delivered. Use two labels per box. Stick 1 label on top of the box and 1 on the side so that you can still see what’s inside when the boxes are stacked.

Use separate boxes for each room

If you are moving, it is best to pack each room separately. For example, use separate moving boxes for each room. This saves time when unpacking.

fragile items

If a moving box contains valuable and/or fragile (e.g., glass) items, write this on the label so that our movers can handle these boxes with extra care.

Using Filling Material

Fill moving boxes with filling material if they are not completely full. You can also do this with old newspapers. This will prevent items from breaking during the move.

Do not overload

Make sure that the boxes are not overloaded. The boxes can carry a maximum weight of 20 kilos. Pack books as flat as possible, back to back. Do not pack books and paper higher than the handles of the box.

Heavy below, light above

Put your heavier stuff in the bottom of the box, then put the lighter stuff on top.

Packing of furniture

Depending on the vulnerability of the furniture, it is either packed in the removal van or in the house and sealed if necessary. Finally, the furniture is professionally loaded into the removal van by the movers.

Washing machine, dryer, and stove

Disconnect and secure according to manufacturer’s instructions.


All hanging clothes are hung in special wardrobe boxes by our movers on a moving day and transported hanging. If you disassemble your linen cupboard before moving, the wardrobe boxes can also be delivered in advance. Do not hang ties, belts, and empty clothes hangers in the wardrobe box, but pack them in a moving box.

Difficult stuff to move

While packing you will encounter items that you cannot simply put in a box. Below is a list of common ‘special’ items. With these tips, you can also easily and safely take these items with you.

Packing of glass and crockery

Wrap glassware, such as glasses and plates separately in the paper. Then put them in small boxes. For example, use a few towels to put them in.

Mirrors and paintings

Let us know when you own a precious painting. We have special painting boxes for this.


products Always put the cleaning items in a separate box. Diluents and petrol can be taken with the removal van, but may not be stored by us (if applicable to your move).

Electronic devices

Pack your valuable (electronic) devices, such as your PC, in their original packaging if possible. This is because this packaging is made for it and your device then has little room to move in the box.

Park the moving van, and consult with the neighbors.

Are there cars parked in front of your door during the day? In that case, consult with neighbors and other involved parties well in advance that there is space available for the removal van on your moving day.

Use indoor elevator

If you live in an apartment building, let the caretaker/neighbors know in good time when you are moving. This is related to the use of the internal lift.

After the move

Take the stuff above the boxes from the paper. If something accidentally falls, it falls into the moving box and not on the floor. Place the moving boxes together in an accessible, dry place. You can give the used wrapping paper with the old paper so that it can be recycled again.

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