6 Tips to Start & Grow a Barber shop Business

Barber shop is one of the growing businesses, especially among young entrepreneurs. However, this business may look simple, so many people are unaware of the turnover opportunities.

Maybe not many people know that behind this simple-looking business, the barbershop business can print a turnover of up to tens of millions of rupiah.

The development of the barbershop business is inseparable from the increasing need for a lifestyle among men who want a neater and cooler appearance.

This is certainly one of the profitable business opportunities you can take, especially if you are passionate about the lifestyle sector.

Here are some tips that you can do when you want to open a barber shop business while following a barber shop business plan.

Choose a Reliable Barber

Choosing a reliable barber is one of the main keys that can determine the success of your barbershop business.

For that, choose a barber with experience in barbering and cutting hair and make sure his expertise is not only technical but also able to provide good service, such as being polite and friendly with customers, so that they can provide the best solutions for customers.

With good service, customers will be satisfied, so they will not hesitate to come back or recommend your barbershop to their friends.

Determine the Barbershop Business Location

Whatever business is being run, the location of the business is one of the important things that must be determined carefully.

The more strategic the location you choose, the greater the chance that people will know your business.

Choosing a strategic location for your barbershop business will make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you.

Try to choose a location according to your target; for example, if your target is a student, you can choose a location around campus or student boarding houses.

Make the Room as Comfortable as Possible

When customers come, they are not immediately shaved because they have to wait in line or turn. Waiting is one of the activities that can make people angry or bored.

For that, try to make the barbershop room as comfortable as possible. This is one way that you can do to differentiate your barbershop from competitors.

Try to separate the waiting room and the barber’s room. Then, you can use a comfortable chair for a haircut and add various facilities such as TV, air conditioning, WiFi, a mini cafe, books or magazines, and so on. But keep in mind, adjust the facilities with your targets.

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Create a Full-Service Package in the Barbershop Business

Some people come to a barbershop not only to get their hair cut but also to get services that are not available at a regular barbershop, such as beard and mustache trimming, hair coloring, hair massage, and so on.

If you decide to create a barbershop business, try to start providing complete services according to customer needs.

Follow Hairstyle Trends

This is one of the reasons customers prefer barbershops over barbershops. However, by following hairstyle trends, customers will never leave the barbershop you already have. So, try to provide regular training for the barber you have chosen.

If training is too expensive, you can use the Internet to find information about current hairstyle trends.

Especially if your barbershop has a current target of young consumers, of course, following the trend is one way to compete amid the many choices of barbershops out there.

That way, consumers will be happy to use your barbershop business services anytime.

Use Interesting System

There are many ways you can do to attract customers to come to your barbershop. First, try starting with an order/booking system.

With the booking system, customers will not wait too long in queues, because everything is already scheduled. The simplest booking system can be done with WhatsApp chat; if you want to be more advanced, you can use web design.

Not to forget, you can also create a voucher system. For example, customers who review your barbershop through social media can get a discount.

Or give free shaving after coming a few times. This system often sells services and product sales to attract customer loyalty. You can provide paper and stamps to facilitate the calculation of the system.

Those are some ways you can do to start a barbershop business. Don’t forget to keep an eye on innovations in the business you’re currently living.

With innovation, your business will continue to move with the development of the world and, of course, the target market. After following some of the tips above, you can develop your barbershop business more easily.

However, before developing a business, you still must look at your financial condition. That way, you can make a more appropriate strategy to grow your business.

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