4 Appliances to Make Your House Smart

When buying or renting an older property in Malta like a house of character or a townhouse in Malta or Gozo, such property types tend to lack smart home gadgets. For those homeowners or property investors who have recently bought an old property in Malta and are looking for some smart home gadgets, but are not on a budget, we have created this guide specifically for you. Here are four affordable smart home gadgets which can be easily installed in your kitchen, bathroom, and many more in your old house.

  1. Smart lock systems

With a smart lock system, you can easily transform your house by making it more technology-friendly and safe. A smart lock system is designed for everyone and offers your family and friends greater convenience to enter your Malta property using their voice or mobile phone. Such a smart home gadget is also convenient. This is mainly due to it being keyless, hence, not needing any type of physical keys to open your doors or gates. Furthermore, using voice control, you can also automate it, by using different devices and can access it anywhere.

  1. Smart thermostat

Another important smart home gadget that is vital when buying Malta real estate, especially during the summer times, involves the smart thermostat. The smart thermostat consists of a smart home gadget that controls the temperature of your house. It can be installed in all or different rooms in your Malta property and because it can be accessed from the comfort of your mobile phone, it facilitates any inconvenience created when turning on individual air conditions (A/Cs) during summer or fireplaces during winter.

  1.  Smart washing machines 

If you are currently looking for a washing machine or have just bought a Malta property but want to renovate its bathroom, we highly suggest purchasing a smart washing machine. To be honest with you, smart washing machines can be almost found for sale in every appliance store on this planet. However, the higher-spec and the more energy-efficient, the more such an appliance will increase in price. Needless to say, purchasing a smart washing machine for any type of Malta real estate is more convenient than the traditional washing machines as one can regulate the temperature and automate the washes from your mobile phone.

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Robotic vacuum cleaner

Last on our list is the robotic vacuum cleaner. Robotic vacuum clears have become a trend as they can be found in any Malta real estate including offices and warehouses. If you have a busy lifestyle, are a pet lover or prefer to be a couch potato, such a gadget will make your life easier for sure! The robotic vacuum cleaner is an intelligent device, equipped with path-following sensors that allow for clear routes to clean floors efficiently. They can range in all sorts of prices, making it a suitable gift to a loved one or a budget-friendly gadget.

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