3 Ways Your Body Uses Your Diet

We discuss 3 ways your body uses your food, so you have no excuse that you don’t know what carbs, fats and egg whites can do for you and why each one does. important in its own way. Like brothers … or not. Here we are!

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are used by your body when you are traveling, especially at higher intensities!

When you exercise, you run on energy and that energy is normally carbohydrates. Your body uses carbs to supplement your workout and energetic movement throughout the day, such as sprints in a local food truck before running without hot dogs. Yes, proteins can be used as energy in this case once the carbohydrates are depleted, but they are not as effective as the carbohydrates in burning this type of activity. Simply put, carbohydrates are used during the day.

Fats: Your body uses fats when you’re NOT exercising or sleeping!

Yes, you read that right … your body uses fat as fuel when you are at low intensity. Low-intensity classes include the time you sit in a long, tedious office job, listen to Ryan’s Roses, and browse Facebook, BUT also include the time you sleep. Did you sleep Catalog? In fact, you can consume as much fat as energy when you sleep as at any time of the day, especially if you are on a structured exercise regimen that increases your body’s need for oxygen at rest. Fats are used in parts of your day with low intensity, including sleep.

Protein: Egg protein your body uses to heal and maintain your body. If your muscles hurt and you can see the progress that is showing in the mirror when the pain subsides … it’s a protein at work. Protein is what makes your body the best treatment possible, which is why every meat grinder in history has had a protein shake all the time.

In addition to 70% of the water in your body, protein is what your body uses the most! This is why it is sometimes a problem to switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet, because protein is usually obtained from eating meat, dairy products, etc. When carbohydrates are low and you need a friend, protein can help your body at the same time. is divided into amino acids. Proteins are used to regenerate and keep in your body and can be used sparingly and strongly.

I hope this simple division will help with what your body actually uses in all your eating, and will help you eat better HAMEN than fill your body. If you remember, I promise you won’t eat too much because you see no reason other than “Ben & Jerry told me to do it.”

It’s a simple breakdown of how your body uses your food every day, so if you’re still losing weight or want a personalized nutrition guide, you can contact me with your questions at

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