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25 Signs That Your Ex Will Never Come Back

by Josephine Fuller
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One of the most painful things a person can experience in life is a breakup. May it be from a puppy love most youngsters get into, or even the greatest love one thought that would never end, it is very hard for the heart to let go of all the feelings and memories that built up within the time that you are together. This article lists 25 signs your ex will never come back, such as poor communication, indifference, dating someone else, avoidance, unwillingness to meet, lack of plans for the future, emotional distance, altered contact details, disparaging comments, no attempt to get back in touch, and more.

In addition, a brief FAQ section answering frequently asked questions comes at the end of the article. This is why if you just came from a breakup, are having difficulty moving on from a past relationship, or are waiting for your ex to come back, please read this whole article for you to open your eyes and help yourself heal from the bad experience that you came from!

Here are 25 signs that you should look for to know that your ex will never come back:

1.Lack of Communication

Communication is one of the essential things to keep a relationship moving. This is true, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship. How can two people love and trust each other without proper communication? Communication isn’t limited to just talking; people can also communicate in other ways, like body language.

If this communication became absent in a relationship, I might consider it done as well. This is obvious when it comes to two ex-lovers. If they still talk with each other every now and then, then there is still a slim chance of them getting back together. But if almost zero communication between the two of you happens, pick up your baggage because it’s time for you to move on!


Having the same interests and hobbies in life is a good foundation for a relationship. Most of the time, this is the main reason why a relationship starts. Enjoying the same things as each other and having the same likes, such as watching the same genres of movies, eating the same kind of food, and going to the same place on the weekends, is a great way to have a happy and strong relationship with one another.

But what happens if your lover changes and does not enjoy doing the same things with you? What if they started showing no amusement and interest in the things that you found joy in doing together in the past? The answer is obvious: the relationship will soon fall apart, and no relationship will push through when indifference between one another becomes present.

3.Dating Someone New

This is a no-brainer. You are a different kind of martyr if you still hope your ex returns even after knowing that he/she is dating a new person who is not you! If your ex has a new lover, that is the greatest sign that you can get that he/she does not love you anymore, and it’s time for you to realize that he/she will never come back to you again. This is why you need to be strong, pick yourself up, stand firmly, and enjoy the life you have ahead!


Can you really love a person and have a proper relationship with him/her if they start avoiding you? Based on my personal experience, being avoided makes me feel unwanted and undesired, and it is one of the most hurtful experiences I have had throughout my life. You cannot wait for your ex to come back if he/she gives you the same experiences I had, and I hope you do not get the same experiences I had. So please move on and be better than me rather than chasing a person who clearly avoids it like you are a disease that can infect him/her anytime.

5.Unwillingness to Meet

Yes, there are relationships that work out even if two of them are separated by long distances (long-distance relationships), but most of the time, it was not their choice to be LDR to begin with. From what I know and what I heard, only a small number of these cases work out in the long run, and most of them break up after some months or years.

Meeting up and bonding with each other regularly is necessary for a relationship to work. But if the relationship ended and one side of the party doesn’t show any interest in meeting up, then how could you work? This only means one thing, and it is that he/she doesn’t want you anymore, and you should stop initiating meetups and start moving on.

6.No Future Plans

Let’s say that you and your ex still talk with each other even after the relationship ends, and you guys are working it out. This may be a subtle sign, but it is important for you to look out for. Observe if there are hints that tell you that he/she has no plans to build a future with you. Most of us get into relationships to find a person we can spend our lives with throughout the future, and if your ex does not show any interest in including you in his/her future, you better open your eyes because he/she will surely dump you sooner or later.

7.Emotional Detachment

Having an emotional connection can also mean having a relationship, so how can two people have a relationship if the connection between their emotions isn’t present? One of the main signs your ex has already moved on from you is when his/her emotion is already detached from you. You can clearly feel it, and it is obvious when there is no emotional connection between you and another person. ‘

Even after spending intimate and precious time with a person for years, when the emotional connection is gone, that person feels like just a stranger despite the years you spent together. This is why if your ex is emotionally detached from you, you can absolutely do nothing but accept the fact that he/she is gone, and it’s time to finally move on.

8.Changed Contact Information

If you exchanged his/her phone number, email address, and any other contact information that you can get ahold of him/her in many ways, then it only means one thing. He/she is done and strongly doesn’t want to do anything with you in the meantime. Move on! How can you wait for your ex and hope for him/her to come back without having a way to contact him/her?

As mentioned above, communication is vital in every relationship. So if your ex cut any form of communication between the two of you, it also means he/she is cutting the relationship between the two of you! You have no more power against that, and just accept that your ex is gone from your life.

9.Negative Remarks

I hope your relationship didn’t end in a bad light, which caused you to bring up negative remarks between one another. Unfortunately, many relationships end up in this way, which is why a lot of bickering between two exes happens in the real world. It turns of ugly and dirty because after spending time loving one another, you end up hating each other so much that you throw dirty insults and negative remarks that can hurt one another in many ways.

Negative remarks can be thrown personally between exes, but they can also pass through mutual friends, families, and even strangers that don’t necessarily involved in the relationship that you had. The presence of negative remarks is an ugly yet clear sign for you to stop dreaming your ex will ever come back and just move on.

10.No Effort to Reconnect

The absence of initiative to reconnect or reconstruct the relationship serves as a strong indicator that your ex has purposefully opted against dedicating time, energy, or emotional investment to resurrect the connection that once defined your relationship. This deficiency in proactive engagement can take on diverse forms, underscoring a conscious choice to uphold a sense of separation and a deliberate decision to abstain from actively exploring the potential for reconciliation.

In practical terms, this lack of effort on your ex’s part communicates a clear intention to refrain from investing the necessary elements—time, emotional commitment, and proactive steps—required to revive the past connection. This intentional choice becomes evident through various behaviors, emphasizing a desire to maintain a certain level of distance and, notably, a deliberate decision not to actively pursue the prospect of rekindling the romantic relationship that was once shared.

11.Acting Single

Tell me, what is the reason for a person to act single – it’s to attract other people who are single, too, right? If your ex is acting single, then he/she is looking forward to meeting other people and starting a new relationship with a person who is not you! If your ex is posting “single postings” on social media or going out to bars, then it is a clear sign that your ex is not interested anymore in you and has no sign of coming back together.

This is why you need to move on and act single yourself to attract potential new lovers if you want! Talk to new people, go outside, join blind dates, and don’t limit yourself to your ex; there are many people out there besides your ex.

12.Ignoring Your Attempts

Personally, I hate being ignored, may it be by a friend, a family, or especially a lover. When I feel ignored, I feel unwanted, and it is one of the most infuriating feelings I experienced in my whole life. This is why if your ex ignores your attempts to get back together, stop being stubborn and let it go. Nothing can get your relationship back together if one side of the coin is not interested anymore!

13.Not Discussing Relationship Issues

Most relationships end because of various issues, and if your ex does not show any signs of interest in talking or discussing the issues that happened in your relationship, then the said issues will not be solved and will just repeat and be brought up in the relationship and cause a crack between the two of you. This would just be a repeated cycle in your relationship until one, if not both, of you get tired and call it quits!

14.Not Apologizing

They don’t express regret or apologize when they are the reason the relationship ended. They refuse to acknowledge their involvement in the split, which leaves sentiments unresolved and problems unchecked. This lack of acceptance and unwillingness to accept accountability for their deeds can exacerbate emotional conflict and foster a climate of unacknowledged tensions. The healing process is further hampered when there is no apology, making it more difficult for both parties to move on and achieve closure.

As a result, unresolved feelings and unmet complaints continue to fester, which impedes personal development and makes it more difficult to create a positive post-breakup dynamic. In these circumstances, the lack of regret may also highlight difficulties in promoting understanding and communication between ex-partners, extending a cycle of emotional estrangement and unsaid hurt.

15.No Jealousy

They don’t even display envy when you bring up dating or being with someone else. Their seeming disinterest in your romantic encounters implies a significant lack of emotional attachment or possessiveness, which fosters an atmosphere in which their emotions or worries about your private life seem noticeably remote. This lack of emotional reaction can be a sign of intentional distance-keeping or disengagement from the relationship.

It’s possible that they have emotionally cut themselves apart from the relationship based on their lack of reaction. The lack of jealousy may be a sign that you are making a conscious effort to distance yourself from the romantic parts of your life, either as a coping method or to get through the breakup. It could also mean that you’re determined to stay unique and independent after the split.

Here are other signs you should look out for to know your ex will never come back:

16.Avoiding Your Friends

If your ex is avoiding your friends, think carefully. Your ex is avoiding them for a reason, and I am 100% sure that that reason isn’t up to any good for your relationship.

17.Taking Down Relationship Photos

Posting pictures about your relationship on various social media may seem petty to some of you, but for some people, it is romantic and essential in a relationship, which is why an ex taking them down is a clear sign that the relationship has already ended.

18.Publicly Denouncing the Relationship

If your ex has already made an announcement that you are done, then you are done. You cannot expect him/her to change his/her word and come back to you, for it may cause confusion and backlash from the public, not only for him/her but also for you!

19.No Sign of Missing You

Simply talking, why wait for an ex that clearly shows no signs of missing you? If you think that your ex, who doesn’t miss you, will come back, you are just delusional.

20.Ignoring Memories

Fond memories in a relationship are good things to look back to when a relationship ended, but sometimes missing these memories is just not enough for the relationship to come back and work again. What more if your ex ignores your memories like it never happened? Move on!

21.Changed Priorities

Sometimes relationships end not because of bad blood, third parties, or falling out of love; there are times when they end just because of differences in priorities and responsibilities, which is why if you and your ex had a difference between those two, don’t expect him/her to come back easily and prioritize you over his/her other responsibilities.

22.Uninterested Friends and Family

Being in a relationship also means bonding with your lover’s friends and family; it doesn’t necessarily mean being close to them, but you need to know and bond with them sometimes. This is why if your ex’s family and friends show no interest in you anymore, then your ex clearly tells them that you are a done deal and to move on from you along with him/her.

23.Blocking Access

If an ex blocks you one way or another, it doesn’t mean he or she is challenging you to overcome that obstacle and find a way to contact him or her again. It only means that he/she is done with you, and you two need to move on from each other.

24.Minimal Effort to Resolve Conflicts

If your ex doesn’t show any remorse and effort to solve problems that arise during the relationship, then he or she isn’t interested in the relationship anymore. How can a relationship work if a problem inside it isn’t solved?

25.Changing Social Circles

This conduct might point to a conscious attempt to draw new social lines and follow one’s own path. If they are actively looking for new social settings, it could be an indication that they are seeking a different social identity from the one they were previously sharing with you. To navigate these shifting dynamics and gain insight into their evolving perspective after the breakup, it is imperative to comprehend the reasons behind this shift and cultivate clear communication.

The article provides a comprehensive list of 25 signs your ex will never come back. If your relationship has corroborated more than one of the signs listed above, then it is likely that your ex will not be coming back, and it is advisable to organize yourself and let’s start fresh. After all, there is a saying: “There’s plenty of fish in the sea! “Isn’t that right?

Meanwhile, here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the signs you need to watch out for to know that your ex will never come back to you. Keep in mind that the answers to the following are subjective and may change from one person to another, so keep what resonates with you and ignore those that do not!

1.Can people change their minds about getting back together after some time has passed?

Yes! As we all know, we are not aware of what will happen in the future. We are also not aware of what we will think, do, and feel after 10 seconds, 10 minutes, 10 hours, and so on, which is why it is possible that people change their minds and get back together after rejecting each other in the past after some time had passed, especially when various factors like memories, longing, and peer pressure come into place.

2.How long should I wait for my ex to come back before moving on?

It depends on how long you are willing to wait. Personally, I think 3 months of waiting is enough for me to open my eyes and finally stop waiting and move on. But you know, you yourself will know exactly when to move on when that time comes. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me, you’ll know. It’s like you’ll wake up one day and realize, “Oh! I need to move on”. Always remember that time heals everything; we do not know when. It may be months, years, or decades, but surely, it will!

3.What if my ex is sending mixed signals?

You have two choices: you can either run or confront. If you think your ex is playing with your feelings by giving you mixed signals about what will happen in your relationship, then the logical thing to do is to run or back away from your ex without causing any drama. Meanwhile, if you feel that your ex is having a hard time knowing what to do, then you can confront him or her and have proper communication regarding that topic.

4.Is it possible for an ex to come back even if they're currently in another relationship?

To be honest, yes. There are cases wherein an ex comes back even if they are in or from a new relationship. But personally, I would not recommend that you go back with an ex in this case. Problems will just arise and cause conflict between the two of you. And hey, what if you will be the cause of their breakup? Or worse, what if he/she came back to you without breaking up with his/her new partner?

5.Can maintaining no contact make my ex to reconsider getting back together?

Doing this may result in two things. First is that your ex will miss you and ask you to get back together. The second is that he/she will realize he/she is better off without you. This action is risky but sometimes bears fruit as a good thing, which is why you should prepare yourself for the worst if you are planning to make this move.

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