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15 Positive Signs During Separation That Indicate Future Reconciliation

by Josephine Fuller
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If you have a marriage that has already fallen apart, maybe you’ve got separated or divorced. I feel you; I know it can be hard to cope and remain calm during these hopeless times.

Perhaps both of you agreed to take some time off, whatever it is. Reconciliation is still possible if you notice several positive signs that indicate you are still madly in love with each other. We’ve compiled 15 positive signs during separation; read on to learn these positive signs that indicate both of you can still work things out:

How Is It Possible For Couples To Reconcile After Separation?

Let’s be realistic here, in most cases. Separated or divorced couples only have a slight chance of getting back together. Reconciliation can be difficult because both parties may have decided to leave each other alone for the better. The odds may seem futile for many couples, but this doesn’t mean there is hope.

Couples can reconcile after separation if they meet these three criteria. First, both of them must be willing to solve each other’s problems, learn from their mistakes, and agree to start anew. Second, there must be no third party during and after the separation process to avoid conflicts, and lastly, both parties should still be madly in love with each other.

The possibility of reconciliation will only depend on the individual maturity of the person involved in the relationship. Alongside that, certain problems are easily managed and fixed compared to more serious problems, which cause permanent separation. Things such as infidelity or being physically abusive can account for someone permanently leaving their partner.

How Do I Know If My Spouse Still Loves Me Even After Reconciliation?

The key word here is love when you two still have it, even if the marriage is challenging and is at stake. You can work things out with your spouse. In specific cases, there are obvious signs that you still have the chance to redeem the lost relationship. We’ll get to the specifics below.

You will know that your spouse still loves you if they show their love in different ways other than saying it to you directly. It is more likely that a couple who stays friendly and close during the divorce will eventually get back together. Love can be shown and expressed in different ways, depending on the personality of your partner.

Some like to give emotional support, some offer practical help and solutions, and some are mushy-gushy with their feelings and can be particularly touchy. You must learn the love language of your partner and analyze if they’re still showing it to you! Chances are, if you know your spouse is giving you hints. It indicates a possibility of a reunion!

Additionally, if both parties remain single during the time of separation, it indicates no third party is involved, making it highly possible for the ex-lovers to reunite together! Being single and reluctant to date even after the breakup indicates that you two have grown a bond that not a single date can destroy.

positive signs during separation

With that said, here are some of the things you should look out for that indicate it is still possible for you to reconcile things with your partner:

1.You both agreed to family counseling

Whether both of you have already separated during the time of counseling. Having a professional to sort things out for both of you can effectively manage any negativity that has brought down the relationship. Counseling is a very effective method for couples to navigate difficult times.

When both of you agree to counseling, and both of you are active in being on time during your counseling schedule. It shows eagerness to work things out in the relationship. It’s a good sign because it shows that both of you are trying to work things out regardless of how difficult it is.

The opposite of this good sign would be refusing to go to therapy. Refusing any type of family counseling during separation is not a good sign; it shows a lack of apprehension. It could also be due to other reasons, such as being dishonest. The moment a lying, cheating, emotionally or physically abusive spouse is presented with therapy or counseling. They’ll lash out and will only pursue separation afterward.

2.You both want to reconcile things for the sake of your kids

The toughest decisions require the hardest sacrifices, and most often, many married spouses tend to reconcile afterward due to their children. Marriage can be nullified by divorce, but you can’t make your children non-existent.

They will be a forever part of you when both of you are reluctant to permanent separation due to your kids. It could mean that your love for your children could be a tiny light that can spark love and trust again in the relationship.

Marriages are inevitably bound by the kin you make. It can be difficult for children to process the separation of their parents. As such, many separated spouses might reconsider “fixing” it for the sake of their children. If you or your spouse are significantly worried about the toll the separation might bring on your child’s well-being. It could indicate that a future reconciliation is possible.

3.You both pretty much talk to each other even after separation

Another good sign is that you and your spouse can reconcile in the relationship. When you both still have ongoing communication, whether it’s you talking in friendly terms regarding certain responsibilities such as your children, finances, or joint business, It could potentially spark a reignition of limerence in the relationship.

It’s a pretty good sign that you are still actively talking to each other, even after the separation.

If things are contentious or friendly between the both of you, it is more likely you can rekindle your relationship with them.

In this case, check the frequency of your communication with your spouse. Do you talk to them every day? Every week? Once a month? The quality and amount of your communications with each other will predict how possible it is for your relationship to be reconciled.

Things are usually tense at first. You separated for a reason, after all. Nonetheless, maintaining good relations is encouraging. If the relationship begins to soften over time, it’s a great sign that things might be going in a path that doesn’t result in divorce!

positive signs during separation

4.You both have each other’s contact on the phone

Another good sign indicating a future conciliation between separated spouses is that they still have each other’s contact information. Couples who are in permanent separation usually delete each other’s contacts or permanently block each other on social media.

 If you still follow each other on any Social media platforms, it indicates that you are still keen on communicating with each other. Social media following is a good barometer that measures closeness with someone.

If you and your estranged spouse still talk online, it’s a good sign! Alongside that, if your estranged spouse always leaves you a positive note online, whether publicly or privately, or likes your posts. It indicates that their heart is still open for reconciliation.

5.You both show support when it is needed

When you both show support when it is needed, whether it’s emotional support or financial support, it usually indicates that both of you still care for each other regardless of whatever happened in the relationship. When you both show support, it shows there’s still cohesion or attachment in the relationship.

In reality, most divorced couples who separate permanently never look back and will be selfish, especially to their estranged partners. They lack selflessness and decisiveness to help one another, which usually leads to their downfall. If you and your estranged partner show support, especially when it is needed, it indicates a possible future reconciliation!

Showing support even after separation shows that there is still love between the both of you. It is up to the both of you if you want to make things work. Usually, a possible reconciliation will only happen if both of you open up your feelings to each other. We’ll discuss more later.

6.You both are genuinely curious about what each of you is doing

Becoming genuinely interested in your spouse again indicates there’s still some lingering attraction. If you notice or if your friends tell you that your spouse is feeling the same way, It could indicate a possible reconciliation in the future. In your case, you have to see if you and your spouse feel the same way about each other in the context of becoming “curious” about each other — especially each other’s potential dating life.

Of course, it would be natural for both of you to feel curious after the separation. You both will be curious if you both stayed single or not. It’s a good sign that your spouse might be interested in a reconciliation if they are your friends about you or whether you’re seeing anyone new!

In all honesty. Your ex-partner may be interested in getting a second chance if they show a strong desire to know more about you, even more so if you feel the same way! With that said, this is a good opportunity for both of you to get back together! Reestablish your sense of intimacy with them by spending some time catching up.

7.You both relive the good memories of the relationship

When there is the opportunity for the both of you to catch up and talk, you both relive the good memories you had in the past. This indicates that the love is still strong, and there is a possibility of reconciliation. Reliving good memories is also a sign that despite the downfall of the relationship, both of you recognize the good things that happened in the past.

Whether it’s reliving old stories of how you two got together, how you went on dates and made love to each other, or the inside jokes that only the two of you know, when you both relive the good memories of the past, there’s always hope for the both of you to work things out in the future. No matter how small that hope is, if you want to get back to your spouse back. You’ll do it without hesitation.

When the wind of nostalgia sweeps off the two of you, this is a good sign that you should hold onto. It is impossible to deny that couples who get back together eventually tend to revisit some of the good parts of the previous relationship. This means that the affection is still present but not necessarily the trust.

8.You both have gone through personal healing

Sometimes, personal healing journeys require solitude. This means “temporary” separation from your spouse for quite some time. Remember that marriages are not easy, and so is navigating this thing we experience as “life .”The temporary separation may have been just a way for the both of you to heal any personal issues.

We tend to experience plenty of ups and downs in this lifetime, whether it’s our traumas, dilemmas, past problems from our family, or our identity crisis. It can be difficult to handle all these things when it’s accompanied by your relationship problem.

With that said, many couples who have temporarily separated will go into a personal healing journey that can be riveting and transformative. The space that was created by the separation can be a good time for self-realization. Both of you will likely reconcile and get back together if you both have transformed through your healing.

For example, if you are controlling or demanding to your partner, which caused the breakup, you may have realized in your healing that this need for controlling is due to your parents showing this type of behavior to each other. You may have realized that you are carrying a childhood wound. The only way for you to truly love someone is to let them be.

9.You both know how to handle difficult situations now

Reconciliation and getting back together is highly possible if both of you have become mature and knowledgeable about your past problems in the relationship. This means that any potential challenges or difficulties in the relationship will be easily mitigated.

When both of you realize that it is up to both of you to act like adults and fix a problem, You realize that separation shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Remember, the both of you can get back together if the cause of separation can be something that is concretely fixed. It could be fixing a financial problem or career problem,

It is also note-worthy if you and your ex-partner seek compromise. It is a good sign; seeking compromise means both of you want to solve the problem efficiently. When the both of you are eager enough to make things work out after a separation, it indicates a future reconciliation!

10.You both are discussing a plan and strategy for the relationship

This is one of the best signs that indicate you two still have a shot to get back together! When the two of you discuss a plan on how to make things work out in the relationship, it indicates that you and your spouse are eager to work things out in the relationship. This means you both will clarify expectations and boundaries and create rules that must be implemented to create a better and healthier relationship.

Maybe it was the lack of clear boundaries that made the relationship go downhill, or it could be because there’s a lack of romantic expression. Either way, as you two figure out how to create a better strategy on how you will approach each other and give each other respective needs and wants. You both are encouraging a process of getting back together.

Share your needs, desires, and goals with your partner and encourage them to do the same as you two work out how to grow together. Make each other a priority, love harder, and show your love in subtle and direct ways! Think positively, and your relationship will grow back the way it used to!

11.You start hanging out more together after the separation

Distance creates space, and this can foster cumulative growth at attraction; this means that it is still possible for the both of you to get back together, especially if the cause of separation was due to attraction or intimacy issues. Seeing each other after the separation can feel like meeting up for the first time. There’s an instant curiosity about the brand-new appearance of one another, which sparks attraction.

When you start hanging out more, it is not a usual thing that happens for permanently divorced or separated couples. Hanging out more means there’s still lingering attraction between the both of you. You would be astounded at how much space can do after a separation. You are regaining momentum of attraction, and this is a good way for you to get back together with your ex-spouse!

12.You have forgiven each other

Last but not least, the most important indicator that you two will reconcile and get back together is if you both have forgiven each other. Forgiving isn’t easy! There are plenty of separated couples who haven’t talked to each other because they have not considered forgiving their partner!

Seeking and giving forgiveness can be difficult, especially for permanently separated couples. However, if you two seek forgiveness or if, in any other way, you have recently expressed thoughts of forgiving one another. It indicates a powerful move that can allow for reconciliation to happen.

The wounds of the broken relationship still hurt, but forgiveness is a powerful tool to reconcile the past and pave the way for the future. It can be challenging to accept, and things seem to get worse until it gets better. Chances are that you and your spouse can get back together if you discover that during your separation. When you both have become compassionate and forgiving, you are paving the way for a better and healthier relationship.

13.You both want to change for the better

Becoming responsible for their past actions and seeing improvements in their personality or attitude may indicate that they are hoping for reconciliation. When you show each other how greatly you have changed, it indicates you both have what it takes to make the relationship work.

You may independently work on problems that you had during the relationship, or you may have noticed them in your ex-spouse. This means that you and your ex-spouse have been big on self-improvement lately after separation. This type of resolution happens in couples who have drinking, drug use, or smoking issues.

When you see that your ex-partner is changing for the better, it is a huge sign that they want you back in the relationship. After all, in what better way they’ll show they’ve changed and been better? You don’t necessarily go and tell the whole world about your positive changes. You just let your actions shine through!

14.You both haven’t seen other people after separation

Another good sign on the list is when you and your ex-spouse haven’t seen anyone in a while after the breakup. This means that you two are still heavily attached. This indicates that it is possible there’s still lingering love and attraction between the both of you.

If your ex-spouse has started dating again, chances are it’s over for both of you. However, if you and your separated spouse remain single during the separation, it could mean that you’re keeping the door open for a reconciliation!

15. You still hold on to that trust years later

When you hold on to the slightest of trust in the relationship, you are showing that you are still willing to risk it to make the relationship work. It’s hard for permanently divorced couples to cope with the fact they don’t have trust in each other. However, if you and your ex-partner still cling to each other even after separation. It indicates that this separation is just temporary.

Some examples indicate you and your spouse still trust each other. For example, if your ex-spouse still confidently finds a safe place in you by being a confidante or you being the first person they call whenever there’s an emergency. It indicates that you two still can work things out.

positive signs during separation

How Can I Know If Permanent Separation Is For The Both Of Us?

Here’s the tough decision to make, but the toughest decisions can often pave the way for a better life. While knowing the positive signs is good. Knowing when to stop is also beneficial for your well-being. It’s tricky, but some signs suggest it might be the best choice:

1.Trust your gut

This will be your guide in your relationship journey; never do something that your gut tells you not to. Sometimes, our intuition can be a powerful navigator that helps keep us safe. In certain situations. When your gut tells you that the relationship doesn’t feel right. You should follow it,

Do not shrug it off whenever you feel or hear that little voice inside you, whether it’s something beneath the surface of your estranged partner. You should be a little more wary if your gut tells you that the separation is the best choice.


If the breakup was due to infidelity or lack of trust issues, it could be time for you to truly cut off with your ex-partner. Cheating is unforgivable because it is disrespectful not only to you but to the sanctity of the marriage or relationship.

3.Neverending conflict

Continual conflict in the relationship suggests that both of you seemingly have differences that are black and white. If your conversations end up in heated arguments or, worse, violent fights. It could be a good choice for you to just leave that relationship.


Feeling stuck or stagnant in a committed relationship indicates a lack of true authentic connection and sexual attraction. The reason why you’re both unhappy could be because you have never liked each other in the first place if you or your partner feel persistently unhappy and unsatisfied in the relationship. It could be time for you to move on.

5.Physical or emotional abuse

Toxic and abusive partners are often narcissists in disguise; they prey on your love and energy. They often become draining to the point that they will get hold of your body, emotions, and even finances. A physically or emotionally abusive spouse is already a demerit and should be taken seriously.

If you are a victim of abuse, you should not hesitate to leave the relationship at the onset when you begin noticing the abusive behavior. You should also be aware of a highly manipulative spouse when you notice any form of manipulation (gaslighting, emotional coercion, blackmail). It is good to leave as soon as possible!

Can You Win Your Spouse Back After A Separation?

Yes! You can win your spouse after a separation if you are willing to do whatever it takes to win them back! This includes giving them a sincere apology for the past actions you may have committed while reassuring them that you will not make the same mistakes before. Winning your spouse back will also be easy if you both feel the same way after the breakup.

Fixing things together will always be possible when both of you learn how to be more compassionate to each other. Alongside that, winning your spouse back will always be easy if you learn how to open up to each other. This means you will accept your partner’s suggestions and criticisms of you.

Take the steps to reconciliation by first healing yourself with a therapist if you want to get back together. They will support you as you process your need for healing and learn to let go of your pain. Second, suggest doing family counseling with your ex-spouse. If they agree, then there’s a better chance for you to get back together.

Relationship reconciliation is feasible since you’ll be more adept at controlling your feelings. In addition, you won’t feel the need to defend yourself and will be more receptive to your partner’s point of view.

How Can I Win My Spouse Back?

It can be difficult to reconnect with your estranged partner, however, with proper steps and consistency. You can start seeing improvements in how they treat you. You must be aware of the risks and ask yourself, why do you want them back?

With that said, here are a few tips that can help you get through the fixing stage:

1. Recognize your past mistakes

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, they say, and in some divorced marriages, this is the case. As the couple spends time apart to reflect on their past mistakes, deal with their anger, and work on their flaws, the chances for reconciliation increase.

Start calling for action and apologize for the past mistakes you have committed; you can also try to give a listening ear to your estranged spouse. By recognizing your past mistakes, you are showing a potential for growth in the relationship.

2. Prioritize your spouse’s needs

You may have had to break up because of your incapacity to prioritize and give your spouse your full attention, whether it’s your lack of sensitivity to your partner’s emotional and romantic advances or the tight work schedules. You need to assess and promise that this time around, you will prioritize your spouse.

Prioritizing one’s career over a marriage may be the cause of this. After divorcing, ex-spouses who reconcile typically learn how to set priorities or take on less demanding jobs to free up time for their marriage.

Aside from showing that you are eager to compromise for your spouse, You must also see it in them; having a one-sided relationship never works, and if you feel that they will not compromise as much as you will this time around, then it’s time to leave the relationship for good.

3. Spice things up between you and your spouse!

Surprise things up; show to your spouse that you are still romantically interested in them. It can be a surprise date or just about anything that you know they’ll like! Whenever you spice things up with your estranged spouse. You are reigniting the passion that was lost in the relationship.

You can also encourage your spouse to do something fun, like a hobby or activity they would enjoy. You can also ask them to travel with you! Anything fun-related can spice things up in the relationship. Who knows, this planned trip you have with your spouse might be the key to saving your relationship.

4. Cultivate respect, compassion, and kindness

Alongside asking for your spouse’s forgiveness, you must freely show that you are willing to go far beyond the relationship. Do more than what is expected of you. Become more respectful to certain boundaries, and practice compassion and kindness. Be the kind of person they originally fell in love with.

Of course, in this step, you shouldn’t try to fake it by any means. You must be genuine in showing your spouse that you are a worthy person and that they can still bet on you in this relationship. Showing these things can allow for a reunion in the future!

5. Work on your best self!

Last but not the least! Those things mentioned above will not work if you are still the grumpy, lazy, draining kind of spouse they met years ago. You should be able to show that you are capable of making yourself better!

Becoming your best self is not easy, but trust me. It may take a while, but it’s worth it. To be your best self, you must look good and feel good in all aspects of your life! This is the perfect time for you to start hitting the gym, cutting fat, building muscle, and adopting a proper regimen that takes care of your looks as well as a proper pastime you find enjoyable.

You can also start venturing into new platforms, such as starting a business or investing; you can even begin pursuing your pastime, hobby, or passion. Remember, the world is your oyster! The better you are physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually, the more you’ll be able to attract your spouse back into your life!

Closing Thoughts: The choice will always be between you two

Now that you know the signs that there is hope for future reconciliation, you can speed up the process by doing the said steps. This helps ease the tension and pave the way for a more fruitful attraction between the both of you!

Remember, if it feels like your relationship is improving, you’re seeing positive improvements in yourself and your partner, you’re treating each other with compassion, and you both have forgiven each other. It’s a good sign to continue taking the steps to get back together with your estranged spouse!

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