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12 Telltale Signs That He Wants To Make You His Girlfriend!

by Josephine Fuller
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If you are confused about this guy and you are wondering where he is leading you on. There can be plenty of subtle and outright signs that he is into you!

With that said, there can be proven signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend! Modern dating has made it difficult for people to tell if the people they’re seeing want something serious or casual.

In this post, we have compiled 12 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend. If he wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll show deep admiration and affection in several ways. Keep reading to learn if the signs fit your situation right now!

1.He introduces you to his mom (or family!)

When a man is serious about you, he will make sure that you will be part of his inner life. This means that you’ll get to meet the people who raised him. A man who is initiating some level of interest and courtship will let you introduce him to his mother!

To a man, this is a way for him to show his vulnerability to you. In more ways than one, society has made men act tough and not lose sight of being emotional. Because of this, men have made ways to make sure that their actions are genuine to the woman they’re pursuing.

If he wants you to meet his mom or any other important people in his family. It is a good sign that he is genuinely attracted to you and that he wants to pursue a future with you. Remember to present yourself elegantly when meeting the family!

2.He wants you to meet his friends

Meeting the family can make you worry for a bit. Meeting the people who raised him means you need to work on having a great first impression. This can be different when you get to meet his friends. However, one thing’s for sure. If he wants you to meet his friends, he is showing his direct interest in you!

Meeting his friends can be casual and fun. It’s a way for you to explore his different side. When he is really serious about you, he’ll make sure to introduce you to his inner circle of friends. This shows genuine interest and trust.

Remember that you are incredibly important in his life, that he lets you hang out with the friends closest to him. This shows that he is comfortable enough with his side of life that you may potentially enter and be around for a long time!

3.He treats you with respect

Most guys nowadays need to learn some manners and respect, especially when it comes to pursuing a girl. It’s very obvious if the guy you’re with is just for the short-term fling if they make things overly sexual with you.

When a man is truly invested in making you his girlfriend, he will show respect like how she respects her mother. This form of respect can come with speaking eloquently, establishing personal boundaries that should not be broken, proper words of affection, and more.

This is a very important sign to know because it saves you from any potential toxic partners that might bring harm to your life. Remember that the man who is pursuing you must treat you with the utmost respect.

If he becomes rude when things don’t go his way, or if he swears and talks over you in an argument. It’s a clear sign to stay away from him. It’s always important to recognize a man’s red flags first before his green flags. Always be mindful of how he talks to you.

signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

4.He includes you in his plans

Another key sign that the guy you’re dating right now wants you to be his girlfriend is that he includes you in his long-term and short-term plans! You’ll notice that whenever you two are talking, he is passionately making plans for you to do these fun things.

It’s even a good thing if he starts talking about long-term financial goals and he includes you in it. Remember, if a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll do everything in his power to make the relationship work if it happens.

When he plans future endeavors with you, it just means that he wants to take things to the next level. This sign is even more obvious if he plans to pay for all the planned activities both of you are gonna be doing.

Whether it is going to a fancy restaurant, a concert, a trip to the art gallery, or a day vacation away from the city. No matter how significant or insignificant it is. To him, including you in his plans shows his devotion and love for you.

5.He has all of your attention

When the man you’re with has all of your attention. You wouldn’t need to get his attention. He gives it to you freely. He will give you his attention 24/7, and he will be happy to do it.

He might help you with your extra chores, help you fix a problem, or offer you free meals. He might even go far beyond your expectations. This means that he wants to make you his girlfriend!

Suppose a man wants a serious relationship. He will start being the knight and shining armor of the girl they want to be with! The dating stage will flow smoothly because it’s gonna be him who constantly seeks your attention.

The opposite can be said if he is just after a casual fling. If he is purposely ghosting or replies late to your replies. It just means that you’re not that important to him. Ghosting and late replies indicate that he might only be interested in short-term flings.

On the flip side, if he replies swiftly and promptly or if he is open to talking to you, call non-stop for the rest of the day. It indicates strong attraction. If he wants to make you his girlfriend, he will reach out to you throughout the day!

This can be in the form of a text, a good morning call, or a good night message. He might even drop by at your house or work just to say hi or bring you some sweet treats. You’ll notice all these things if he wants you to be his girlfriend!

6.He is open about his past dating life

If the guy you’re dating right now seems very closed off and detached, it’s a clear sign that what he’s after is just a casual fling. However, the opposite is true for a guy who is open and honest about his past. If the guy you’re with right now has no fear of letting you know about his past relationships. It’s a good sign that he is interested in you.

If a man tells you about everything that happened in his life before he met you. This is the type of guy who wants a long-term relationship with you.

You will know every single detail of his life, from his everyday routine, his work schedule, and aspects of his past exes. If your man manages to be an open book, it can be an indication of long-term interest!

Alongside that, this sign also just doesn’t apply to his past dating life. It can apply to almost any aspect of his life.

If you find yourself finding out a lot of surprising things about his childhood life, his relationship with his family, his previous goals and ambitions. He is allowing you to see the inner circle of his life. This is a good indication that he wants to make you his girlfriend!

7.He wants to know more about your life

Another clear indication of attraction and interest is a genuine curiosity about your own life — your past, your exes, your hobbies, passion, career, goals, friends, and family. There can be plenty of questions sprouting from all directions. It can be overwhelming, of course, but one thing is certain. He wants you as his girlfriend.

Curiosity is caused by excitement. Whether you see it or not, the man seeing you right now is genuinely interested in you other than your looks. He might be thinking about it in many ways possible. This genuine curiosity leads to him being nosy about your life. Of course, it’s up to you whether you want to let him in or not.

When he wants to know more about your life, he is expecting a lot of surprising information! Remember that when men are in love, they become direct and passionate. They will not hesitate to become passionate about the girl they desire to be with!

When this happens, it’s up to you if you want to give that information to him. If he truly wants to make you his girlfriend. The way he would approach this is to not be pushy. If you decide to withdraw information from him, he will respect it as any good man would.

8.He shares his thoughts and feelings

When he finds himself randomly sharing the most mundane thoughts about his day with you. Or if he is initiating conversations with you that involve him sharing his personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings. It is a clear sign that he wants you badly.

If you’re the first person he wants to talk to after something happens to him, it might also indicate that he is thinking about you more times than ever in a day! He is trying to get in touch with you more often and believes you should know the things that are happening to him during the day.

It would help if you remembered that most men find it difficult to express their thoughts and feelings. If your man feels at ease enough to open up to you about his thoughts and emotions, you may be prepared to take things official in your relationship.

Sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings is a sign of trust. He believes he can be vulnerable enough with you, and he knows you won’t break his trust. Sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings also indicates strong attraction because he wants you to see who he truly is!

9.He has made it clear he’s only seeing you

If you’re with him and he has been directly telling you that he has stopped seeing other women because he is seeing you.

This is a clear indication that he wants you to be his girlfriend! If he has made clear boundaries around him that only you can penetrate. It is a wonderful sign that he is deeply interested in building a relationship with you!

Alongside that, you might notice that he is no longer active on his social media pages. He might even stop posting pictures about himself. He might even tell you directly that he removed all the dating apps he has on his phone.

This behavior indicates that he is officially 100 percent invested in making you his girlfriend. This is a good sign because not only does it show that he wants you as his girlfriend, but it also shows that he respects you and treats you with the utmost dignity.

However, you need to be careful with guys who have dating apps on their phones in the first place! Most mature men who seek healthy relationships will not resort to dating apps to get the girl they desire. In most cases, guys who are on dating apps are only looking for casual flings.

With that said, it’s still pretty safe to have a thorough manual background check on the man you’re with right now. Especially if he says that he has “deleted” his dating apps already because he is seeing you. Try to get that information from his close friends or family and see how loyal and committed he truly is.

signs he wants to make you his girlfriend

10.He writes you a romantic letter

Most guys, as mentioned before, tend to have trouble expressing deep emotions through speaking. Most of them can usually eloquently express it through writing. The best part is if a man gives out handwritten letters to you. It just means they’re deeply confident in expressing their love and affection to you.

If your man writes you a letter now and then expressing his love and gratitude to you. It may be because he is comfortable with you, and he wants you to know how he truly feels about you. This is a wonderful sign that he is serious about pursuing a relationship with you.

Aside from receiving a romantic letter, this sign also applies to you if you have recently received a sweet note that offers words of encouragement. This approach is refreshing because everything is made instant now because of social media. His writing you a letter simply means he is thoughtful and made it pretty clear that he has romantic feelings toward you.

11.He shows you off on his social media

If he doesn’t send you letters to announce his affection towards you, he shows you off on his social media. It’s still a good sign! If he posts you daily on his stories or changes his status (with your permission, of course), it’s a clear sign he deeply wants a relationship with you.

If he is posting you on social media, it goes to show that he is dedicated to pursuing you. At the same time, this approach may not be as romantic as the latter. The public display of affection towards you on social media shows that he is serious about being with you.

Showing you off on his social media is a good sign because he thinks you are attractive enough to be boasted online. Social media is a leverage that shows off how you’re doing well in life. When he shows you off on his social media, it is a clear indication that he is deliberately including you in his personal life!

12. He has made his intention clear from the very beginning

The last crystal clear sign that he wants you to be his girlfriend is that he has asked your hand for courtship! When he has purposely made it clear that he wants you and that he is directly pursuing you. Asking you for romantic dates or giving you affirmatory signs that he loves you is a clear sign he wants you as his girlfriend!

If he pursues you openly and directly, it’s a significant indicator that he is genuinely interested in a romantic relationship with you! This direct approach creates a level of transparency and honesty in their intentions. He is not looking for something casual; he is looking for something that he can build from the ground up.

Pursuing you directly is a form of courtship. This doesn’t mean he is clingy or pushy. In this stage, you can directly “allow” him to keep on continuing because you are also interested in him, or be upfront and tell him that you only see him as a friend.

Always remember that if he wants you to be his girlfriend, he will seek mutual consent to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the courtship. Alongside that, if he wants you to be his girlfriend, he will be consistent in his efforts to please you.

Whether it’s a regular communication thing that you both have, spontaneous or planned dates, or simply having time to be together physically, a clear pattern of consistency reflects dedication and a genuine desire to build a meaningful connection.

How Can You Tell That If It’s Just A Talking or Dating Stage?

It is simple to distinguish the two. Generally speaking, the talking stage is when you first have to get to know each other; the status between the both of you may be simple and clear — you’re both just friends.

There may be some tension going on or some light flirting, but it’s pretty clear that you’re just friends because none of you has initiated a spark of romantic interest yet.

The talking stage is the very first stage when you meet someone casually, maybe through a friend or some other circumstances, and you two “click.”

There’s often curiosity in this stage because you want to get to know the other person. You two may just hang out as friends, but there’s a clear, subtle line of attraction there.

The talking stage is also the point where you have been following each other on social media. This stage is active as both of you proactively look at each other’s posts and stories without hesitation. You seem to desire to get to know each other on a deeper level.

From here, there might be a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle flirting between the both of you. The tension occurs as you both communicate and send messages to each other.

However, if none of you initiates that “conversation” that bridges you from the talking stage to the dating stage, nothing significant will happen. The whole relationship might go down the drain.

The dating stage particularly happens when the man initiates a courtship ritual. This may be in the form of stating their significant romantic feelings to the woman they’re pursuing.

This creates a clear distinction. The dating stage is often the spark that leads to both parties recognizing each other’s romantic feelings for the other and agreeing to build a committed relationship.

How Soon Do Men Know They Found the Right Girl for Them?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Relationships and people, in general, can be difficult and complex to understand.

Some men can have terrible romantic relationships and maybe childish and immature, but once they find the right girl they want to settle with, they will do a complete 360.

Some men do abide by the rules of dating but might end up cheating because they feel the relationship to be inadequate.

With that said, it can be difficult to tell how long it will take for a man to realize he found the one. However, one thing’s certain once the man exhibits these signs mentioned above when they’re with the woman they’re dating.

It means that they’ve found the girl they wanna settle with. In many cases, a man will just know right away from his gut instinct. Some men, on the other hand, prefer to get to know the girl first and weigh the pros and cons of the potential relationship. This depends on the individual; some guys may have a harder time recognizing their feelings.

Other guys will know it immediately. However, one thing’s for sure. When they soon find the “one,” they will be happy and confident in pursuing that woman. There will be no doubt, indecisiveness, or feelings of shame. He will simply be a man who will step up to get the girl he desires.

Closing thoughts: Signs That He Wants To Make You His Girlfriend!

If you have come to this section and you see your reflection smiling. Then congratulations! You have made sure that the guy you’re seeing right now is seeing a future with you! These are but a few pointers to help you determine whether that guy is merely looking for a casual relationship or if he has secret plans to start dating you right away.

Remember, at the end of the day, no guide can give you all the answers you need. However, one thing’s for sure. When you trust what your heart and gut tell you to do. You’ll be sure that you are on the right path.

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