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100 Things to Do on A Rainy Day for Adults (To get you out of boredom)

by Josephine Fuller
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Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. But the rain seems far from going away as it continues to fall for days. This is why I am here to help you spend the rainy days by giving you a list of 100 things to do on a rainy day for adults, alone or with your significant other; wholesome and not-so-wholesome activities that may help lessen your boredom during the cold weather. 

Table of Contents

Relaxing Things to Do Indoors when Raining:

1.Read A Book

Rainy days are perfect for relaxation and chill activities that can be done even by sitting. There is no more perfect activity to do while raining than reading a book. Bookworms often enjoy rains because they can enjoy reading their favorite book, all while drinking their hot and savory coffee.

2.Movie Marathon

Binge watching your favorite movies while cuddling with your loved one is also a great choice when choosing an activity while raining. Crossing out movies from your “to watch” list can be enjoyable and satisfying at the same time. And, of course, nothing beats the warmth of hugs to battle the shiver a rainy day brings!

3.Cook a New Recipe

Spending time in the kitchen will surely give you a great time during the rain. What’s better than watching the rain pour down behind your mirror? Food! Trying a new recipe and savoring the result of your hard work will surely bring you to cloud nine and let you experience the heavens while it rains.

4.Listen to a Podcast

Spotify has been very famous these past few years. Why not open it, listen to some of your favorite speakers, and stream various podcasts to spend time indoors while it rains? There are diverse genres that you can choose from, and hey, it might help you fall asleep too!

5.Hot Tea or Coffee Time

The rain will surely get under your skin and make you shiver like no other, which is why warming up your stomach with a delicious tea or coffee of your preference will surely be a great choice to do. Take the time to sip and savor your favorite drink while thinking of the next activity that you will do.

6.Indoor Gardening

Who doesn’t find relaxation in plants? Let them be the fertilizer! Kidding aside, indoor plants have been a thing for a while now, letting you enjoy the fun of taking care of plants without the expense of having a backyard or an outside garden. Why not try growing flowers inside your home with the free time the rainy days bring?


If you are too lazy to move around and try other things during the rain, why not try this fun yet simple activity to ease up your mind and body at the same time? Meditating only requires you to sit or stand in a comfortable stance, relax all of yourself, and let your mind sink into nothingness, letting go of the worries you have outside.

8.Solve a Puzzle

But if you do not like to be idle and want mental exercises every now and then, solving a puzzle is surely a great way to spend your time! You can choose from various puzzles such as crosswords, sudokus, or any other puzzle you can find inside your home or on your phone!


Sound expensive and complex, right? But what if I tell you that it’s just as easy as lighting a candle and letting its aroma spread around your home, giving off a relaxing ambiance all around you? Scented candles have been famous for years now for the benefits they give to people, not only for their smell but for their effects as well!


Move and stretch your body by exercising to keep your joints and muscles healthy throughout the rainy season. Yoga is a very good choice because you do not need many tools and equipment, just yourself, a mat, and a comfortable spot in your home to do your stretching.

Here are other things that you may do inside your home during the rainy season:

11.Creative Writing
12.Nap Time
14.Warm Bath
15.Art and Craft

16.Indoor Photography
18.DIY Spa
19.Listen to Rain Sounds
20.Video Call a Family/Friend

Relaxing Things to Do Indoors when Raining

Exciting Things to Do Outside when it’s Raining:

21.Splash in Puddles

Rains are rare in some areas and for a specific time, so why not enjoy the moment and go play outside, trample around water puddles, and get yourself dirty. Reminisce your childhood by doing this, and surely, the fun will go to you and bring a smile to your face.

22.Nature Walk

Explore nature while it rains by walking around your neighborhood and looking at what your surroundings look like when it rains. I assure you that the view and ambience are surely different from what you used to see when it is sunny.

23.Bird Watching

Who says there are no birds when it rains? Many birds are active, flying and playing around during the rain. Like us, they enjoy the water falling all around their bodies along with their friends. Just make sure to keep watch on bird poops!

24.Outdoor Sports

For sporty and athletic people, rain is a nuisance because it hinders them from playing and training for upcoming matches or tournaments; they need to attend due to wet surfaces and an unpleasant environment. But if you are just looking for fun, doing sports while it’s raining, then it is a great experience to try; just make sure to be careful to avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents that may happen.


If you own a bike, take it out of your garage and travel to different places around your place to experience the fun of wind and rain splashing in front of your face. Biking is a generally good activity to do outside when it rains. Too bad for the people who don’t know how to ride a bike though!


Cancelling your camping trip due to the rain? Don’t! If there are no storms or typhoons around, camping on a decent place during the rain can still be a fun and safe activity to do. But keep in mind that camp at your own risk.

27.Outdoor Meditation

If you just want to have a relaxing moment under the rain, try meditating outside your house. Just like meditating indoors, you just need yourself and a comfortable space, in this case under the rain, to keep your body and mind loose into nothingness while the rain splashes over your head and all around your body!

28.Rainy Day Barbecue

Barbecue is great food even though it is not raining, but have you experienced eating a freshly grilled BBQ while it rains? I assure you it is one of the best memories that I have ever. The cold wind gushes the rain plus the warm and delicious flavor the barbecue brings equals to the best feeling in the world!


Try engaging yourself in fishing during the rain, as it can enhance the chances of a good catch and provide a different fishing experience. Fishing in the rain can be both meditative and exciting. The sound of rain on the water and the anticipation of a catch make it a memorable outdoor activity. But keep in mind to be very careful and practice safety measures while you do so!


Tend to your garden during the rain, taking advantage of the moist soil to plant, weed, or simply enjoy the greenery. Rainy days are beneficial for plants, and gardening in the rain allows you to connect with nature and witness the beauty of plants responding to the water. The cool, damp atmosphere makes it a pleasant experience.

Here are other things that you may do outside your home during the rainy season:

31.Rainy Day Hiking
32.Outdoor Photography
33.Outdoor Yoga
35.Attending a Concert

36.Visit a Waterfall
37.Going to the Beach
38.Outdoor Painting
39.Visit the Zoo
40.Relax on a Park

Exciting Things to Do Outside when it’s Raining

Mind Boggling Activities to do with your Friend/Family during the Rainy Season:

41.Indoor Board Games

Challenge your friend, your partner, or anyone you are within an indoor board game tournament to spend the time while it rains. Unleash both your competitive spirits and see who will come on top between the two of you.

42.Movie or TV Show Marathon

Rain can be boring most of the time, which is why you and your friend can choose different movies to watch and set a twist on what to do while watching. You can try guessing the plot twist, guess the ending, or even guess what the character will say next!


Cookies or anything sweet are great snacks to nibble on while raining. So why not use the time given by the rain to practice and show off your skills as a baker? Open the ingredients and turn on the oven to see who the better baker between the two of you is.

44.Karaoke Nights

We all know that the rain is rather loud most of the time; that is why it is a good idea to cover up the noise the rain brings with your own voice by singing your heart out to your favorite songs. Fire up that karaoke and challenge one another on who has the better singing skills!

45.Write Letters

If you don’t want to do tiring activities during the rain, why not just be open to one another? Get a piece of paper and a pen and write things you want to say to one another but have not been able to say in front of them. This is a good way to keep honesty and address issues that may have been present between one another.

46.DIY Crafts

Unleash your secret creativity by searching for Do-It-Yourself Crafts that you can follow and make using the materials available at your home. This activity is very useful not only to spend quality time but to create things that may be useful for everyone as well. Maybe you can sell some of your artwork too!

47.Home Spa Day

You can also try relaxing through a good massage by having your own home Spa Day. You can hire a professional therapist to help you, or you can try massaging each other if you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing so. Take note that if you do this, you may be stressed more instead of getting relaxed.

48.Listen to Music

Open that YouTube or Spotify and play random playlists for you and your friend to listen to while it rains. Make it more exciting by adding twists such as having a fun and simple competition on who can guess the singer of the title of the song. You can also use the time to keep track of the trending song and sing along with your body dancing along to the beat!

49.Virtual Game Night

If you are on the gamer side or own any console that lets you play games, then open them in an instant and challenge your friend to any game that you like. There are tons of games you can choose from with diverse genres which will surely suit your taste. But make sure the competition remains friendly as time goes by!

50.Trivia Night

Why not have a trivia night to get to know more about each other during the rain? You can ask questions that have never been asked or even share secrets you have never shared with each other. This may strengthen your relationship more and result in better things in the future.

Here are other things that you may do with your friend during the rainy season:

51.Puzzle Time
52.Visit a Museum
53.Café Hopping
54.Vacation Planning
55.Book Club

56.Rainy Photoshoot
57.Cooking Challenge
58.Play Video Games
59.Attend a Virtual Event
60.Plan a Rainy Picnic

Intimate Activities for Adult Couples while Raining:

61.Cuddle under a Blanket

What feels greater than feeling the warmth of your loving partner under the blanket during the rain? Cuddle your significant other under and snuggle into his/her arms to soothe the noise and coldness the rain brings, and just relax on the bed beside each other.

62.Watch a Romantic Movie

Rekindle the romance between the two of you by choosing a romantic movie that you both love and watch it together while cuddling up close. Remember to keep your eyes on the movie and hands on your partner and enjoy simple yet memorable moments like this.

63.Have a Candlelit Dinner

Bring forth your romantic side by preparing a sweet and simple candlelit dinner between the two of you. Prepare a delicious food; my personal tip is his/her favorite, and set the mood by lighting up candles, putting petals of roses, and a good background music while you eat with each other.

64.Take a Relaxing Bath Together

Fill up your bathtub with warm and fresh water and prepare towels for you to use after. Invite your partner on a relaxing bath together and wash each other’s back while keeping the moment as romantic as you can!

65.Read a Book to Each Other

Choose two books of your liking and read one to each other while cuddling. You can talk about the book afterwards and share opinions or anything you want to say about it while looking into each other’s eyes.

66.Create a DIY Fort in the Bed

Bring back the inner kid in you and create a fortress in your bed using your blankets and pillows. You can decide on what to do next, such as doing role-plays or just enjoy the fort you made. You can also do other things that you may like!

67.Dance to a Romantic Jazz Music

Fire up that stereo or any music-playing device and put up some romantic jazz music that you and your partner may dance into. Hold each other closely and slowly sway to the music while talking about what you like the most with each other.

68.Truth or Dare

If you want to spice up things between one another, then you must try playing truth or dare. You can search how this game works on the internet if you do not know how to play this game. But this will surely bring out something you do not expect from one another. Keep in mind that you must face the consequences of playing this game.

69.Take a Romantic Walk under the Rain

If you are in the mood to take a walk, get your umbrellas and invite your loved one to go outside and enjoy the mesmerizing ambiance of your neighborhood while it rains. If you have a big umbrella you can share with each other, then that’s better. This will help you keep a romantic and close aura between the two of you while you walk!

70.Share Childhood Memories

If there are things from your childhood that you haven’t shared with each other, now is the time to open that memory vault and tell each other stories from when you were a kid! May it be embarrassing, happy, or even sad stories from your childhood.

71.Plan your Dream Vacation

You can also try talking and planning your next vacation or the big vacation that both of you dream of in the future. You can talk about the place, the time, and the expenses you need to plan to check that dream vacation off your bucket list!

72.Drink a Liquor

Aside from tea or chocolate, you can also utilize liquor to warm up your body during the cold weather of the rainy season, especially as an adult. Plus, the way liquors make your body hot will surely spice up things and lead to greater and more intimate activities you can do afterwards!

73.Have a Deep and Open Conversation

While drinking liquor, you can talk with one another about different things that you want to talk about. As for my personal experience, liquor brings out the most honest person in me and lets me express things that I cannot express when I am sober. So, grab this chance to have a deep and meaningful conversation with your significant other!

74.Write a Poem Together

Writing a poem together is a collaborative and creative endeavor. It encourages the exploration of emotions, the expression of shared experiences, and the joy of creating something meaningful together. It’s a unique way to blend your voices into a poetic harmony.

75.Create an Art Together

Whether it’s painting, drawing, or crafting, creating art together is a shared expression of creativity. It allows for the exploration of imagination and the joy of bringing ideas to life collaboratively. The process itself becomes a shared memory and a tangible representation of your connection.

76.Kiss under the Rain

If the mood is right and the romance between the two of you is overflowing, why not kiss your loved one under the rain? This will surely be one of the best memories you two will have during your relationship. A very sweet and tender kiss under the rain!

77.Share your favorite Memories

Sharing favorite memories opens a treasure trove of personal experiences. It’s an opportunity to connect emotionally, understand what holds significance for each other, and create new memories by revisiting the past together. This activity deepens the emotional bond between partners.

78.Sleep Together

Sleeping together is not just about physical proximity; it signifies emotional intimacy and comfort. It’s a time to relax, feel secure in each other’s presence, and strengthen the emotional connection that comes with sharing a vulnerable and peaceful state of sleep.

79.Simply Enjoy Each Other’s Company

Sometimes, the simplest moments become the most profound. Just enjoying each other’s company without a specific activity in mind allows for a genuine connection. Whether engaged in conversation or comfortable silence, being present and appreciating the shared presence contributes to relationship building.

80.Try This 100 Activities You Can Do while it Rain

Exploring a list of 100 activities for rainy days opens up a world of possibilities. It encourages spontaneity, variety, and the discovery of new interests. From creative endeavors to cozy indoor activities, this list provides a reservoir of options for making the most of rainy days together.

 Here are other things that you may do intimately with your partner during the rainy season:

81.Share a Warm Cocoa
82.Write Love Letters to Each Other
83.Cook your Favorite Meal
84.Play a Board Game
85.Solve a Puzzle Together
86.Give Each Other a Massage
87.Write a Short Story about Yourselves
88.Create a Scrapbook of your Favorite Moments
89.Take a Virtual Cooking Class Together
90.Play a Video Game Together
91.Create a Playlist of your Favorite Songs
92.Bake a Cake
93.Try Couple’s Yoga
94.Watch Old Home Videos
95.Have an Indoor Photoshoot
96.Share your Dreams and Aspirations
97.Write a Bucket List Together
98.Try a New Dessert Recipe
99.Asks Philosophical Questions with Each Other
100. Play a Game of 20 Questions

Intimate Activities for Adult Couples while Raining

Final Thoughts

The rainy days will surely give you a lot of time to spend may it be alone or with a loved one, which is why you should make sure to make the most out of it by doing various activities and have fun both indoors and outdoors. These 100 activities can be a useful guide for you to choose from, but the limits are not bounded by this list. Try all of these out and add your own list of activities while it rains!

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