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10 Sneaky Things A Virgo Man Does To Test You! (How To Respond To Them)

by Josephine Fuller
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Virgos are the analytical sign of the zodiac. They’re hardworking and intelligent and in romantic endeavors. Virgos tend to be careful and strategic. They will often have a series of subtle tests that will tell if you are worthy of their time and attention.

Your Virgo man will test you through a series of questions. These questions can be direct or subtle to determine your character and personality. Please learn more about the OK tests they give you in this article!

Virgo Characteristics, Personality Traits, Love Style:

Virgos are born between August 23 and September 23. The Maiden symbolizes the astrological sign. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. They have the grounded, stable, practical, and sometimes materialistic quality of Earth while being adaptable, flexible, and open to change due to their mutable sign.

If you know a Virgo or you’re dating one. You’ve probably noticed some of these traits in the relationship. In a deeper perspective, Virgos are naturally kind and thoughtful. Some people may overlook those traits because they are considered intelligent and reserved.

Their love style consists of practicality. Virgos aren’t the mushy-gushy types who would offer ingenuine compliments to flatter the person they’re with. Instead, they will give honest feedback. Virgo men also have solutions to whatever problem they’re facing.

Virgo men also do gift-giving as their form of love language. Because they often have difficulties expressing emotions. Gift-giving is a way for them to tell you how much they care. Virgo men are also the type that will pay attention to specific events like your birthday.

What are the downsides of dating a Virgo? A few things, such as overly critical and perfectionism, come hand in hand with the relationship. Virgo’s worst enemy is themselves. They can be insecure and too strategic in life and love.

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10 Tests a Virgo Does To You! (How To Respond To Them)

99.9% of the time, the Virgo man you’re dating will do these tests to determine if you are worthy enough to be pursued in the relationship. Let’s take a quick crash course at some of these tests and find out how to respond in ways that will surprise him properly!

1.He Will Pay Attention To You In Public Settings

Virgo men are natural analysts. They can study a person through their expert knowledge of body language. Virgo men can determine the character and personality of the person they’re dating.

Your Virgo man will most likely study how you treat others. He will pay particularly close attention to the interactions you have with strangers. He will also take a closer look at how you talk about your friends and family. Rude behavior and lack of courtesy will turn him off immediately. 

Gossip and rumors spreading will also be an extreme turn-off for him. Instead, try being more classy by not providing unnecessary details. Speak highly of the people you know, and divert the topics to something more meaningful.

How To Respond: 

So let’s say your Virgo man asked you for a date, and you agreed. The best way to respond to this subtle test is to be yourself! Be kind and courteous when speaking to the waiter and everyone around you.

When trying to respond to his questions about your family and friends. Speak only good things about them. When you speak eloquently and highly of others, you show them your good character.

2.He Will Ask You Personal Questions 

Your Virgo man will ask you personal questions and analyze them subsequently. Things like your favorite movie, artist, and the songs you listen to repeatedly. He might even ask if you are a dog or cat person! He might even ask about your personality type or even ask you about your relationship with your parents.

How To Respond:

This will be controversial. But as much as possible, do not be anxious, and let the conversation flow smoothly as much as possible. Instead of noticing the “tests,” he gives them to you through the conversation. Being calm and easy-going allows you to answer the questions more truthfully. 

In a way, you are enjoying the conversation with him as he will begin to notice it. So regardless of whether you both have a lot of similarities or not, you still get to enjoy the conversation, which will build emotional satisfaction between the both of you!

3.He Will Tell Jokes and Tell If His Humor Is Compatible To Yours

Many people have these misconceptions that Virgo men, or Virgos in general, are humorless and dull. This is far from the truth; Virgos are ruled by Mercury – the planet of communication and humor. Virgo’s humor can be dry and sarcastic, full of witty lines that only intelligent people will understand.

In this scenario, he will give out jokes that showcase his humor. He will strategically spur out his joke because he is asking for your reaction to the joke. When he does this, it will give him answers about what you are like.

How To Respond:

Please do not force your laugh; ingenuine laughter will make them think they’re unfunny. Instead, try to laugh it off, and if you don’t get the joke. Make a joke yourself and see how he reacts. The best thing to do is to keep the conversation cool. 

Try to make him explain the joke. In this way, you show genuine interest in his humor. This will tell him that you genuinely want to build a rapport with him.

4.He Will Be Nosy About Your Past Relationships

Suppose you have been dating for a considerable amount of time. He will be directly asking you questions about your past relationships. Specifically, what were you and your ex like in the relationship? This comes from their deep-seated insecurities where they feel they’re not good enough.

They may do these to improve the relationship and take necessary steps to make it as “perfect” as they deem fit. Remember that your Virgo man’s perfectionism comes from their feeling of inadequacy. They will do everything in their power to make a relationship work.

How To Respond:

Be honest; you are becoming an open book. You show him genuine honesty and love by giving him the information he seeks. In this scenario, it is important to reassure him tenfold that you are madly in love with him and that no imperfections in him can make it change. 

5.He Will Test Your Patience (Work Related)

Virgo men are known to be workaholics of the zodiac. Their intelligent and multi-talented nature allows them to excel in whatever profession they’re in. Your Virgo man might be a little busy at work for good reasons.

When he prioritizes his career, you must understand that he will not take it wholeheartedly if you become possessive or argumentative. Instead, you must learn how to trust him and give him big words of encouragement now and then.

How To Respond:

If he tells you he has a busy life, you must say to him you are busy with your career too. 

It would help if you also told him that you are not afraid of challenges and know things will work out for both of you. Tell him you’re patient enough in these matters; if there are any misunderstandings, you will be adult enough to talk things through.

6.He Will Ask You “What If” Questions

Your Virgo partner loves to ask random hypothetical questions. Their analytical nature keeps them in their head 24/7. This means that your Virgo man is most likely a chronic overthinker.

When he puts these questions, he usually looks more at how you’ll react to these questions rather than the actual response.

Remember that these questions can be absurd and sometimes even downright funny. You have to go along with it and ease his stress by responding promptly and giving him the right questions as much as possible.

How To Respond:

Remember that beneath all these imagined situations lies your Virgo man’s need for affection, love, and security. Considering the scenario in which he presents the question, your response should not be vague. Instead, be forward while giving him words of praise.

7.He Will Test Your Consistency

Your Virgo man is an expert at throwing these little tests that test your consistency in the relationship. These tests could range from a simple text to thoughtful questions while you’re with him. 

When he gives you these tests, he can tell if you promptly respond and give out genuine love or disengagement.

Remember that behind that super intelligent and calculated facade of your Virgo man lies a man who can’t help but over-analyze things and overthink. He feels the love if you give him patterns that tell you are genuinely concerned and in love with him.

How To Respond:

Be consistent, show up daily, and make things happen for him. If he knows you’ll be in his house by 3:30, show up by 3. You will accompany you if he tells you he has an arranged dinner with his family. 

Take extra steps and be prompt in your response. The key here is not to be clingy or too dependent on him but to make him realize that you are there for him no matter what. This promptness in response and his seeing that you are consistent will allow him to feel safe in the relationship.

8.He Will Ask You About Future Plans 

Your Virgo man will be HEAVY…on this! Because your Virgo man is future-oriented. He will ask questions about your future and determine if your goals align with his. 

This is very important because it will determine if your relationship will be for the long term or the short term. Virgo men are notorious for being hyper-aware of their finances. 

They will crave a financially stable life, which will be an essential factor in the determination of the success of the relationship. In this case, if your Virgo man asks about your financial, career, or life plans 10 or 20 years from now. It’s an actual test to determine the strength of your relationship.

How To Respond: 

When entering a relationship with a Virgo man, you already need to accept that they want a long-term relationship that is stable and secure. That means you must be aligned with their financial and career goals. In this case, tell them directly about your plans while telling them you will support them throughout their career or financial journey.

9.He’ll make you choose things

When your Virgo man makes you choose things, he tests you for your decisiveness and rationality in the relationship when he asks you to choose between two things. 

He is determining the rationality behind your choice and how decisive you are in decision-making. This test tells him if you are an excellent long-term partner. 

He will do these in the most random and mundane way. Often, these questions would just come out of nowhere. The test will also be subtle, so you must learn not to be entrapped in his snares.

How To Respond:

Respond to his questions directly and abruptly, then turn the question to him and make him answer the question he just sprouted. In this manner, you are outsmarting him.

This will also give you an insight as to how he will react. If he responds positively, it is a good sign that you are heading towards a successful long-term relationship. If not, it might be time for you to evaluate some things with him.

10.He’ll Ask You Directly If You Will Cheat On Him

Virgo men are outright aggressive regarding how they ask their partner questions, which is surprising because many people think Virgo men are passive-aggressive.

In this test, he will ask you if you will cheat on him in several scenarios. The way he will ask you this question can be through a form of humor. He will do this to test you and your character truly. 

Remember that Virgo men have deep-seated insecurities and an obsession for perfection. They will not pursue a relationship that will not serve them long-term.

How To Respond:

Be mindful of your words; tell him that whatever the two of you built in the relationship is built with trust, affection, loyalty, and commitment. Do not be afraid to give him the reassurance he needs. 

How To Show Love To Your Virgo Man (5 Ways To Do It!)

● Reassure him in more ways than one

Your Virgo man deeply appreciates it when you are there to reassure him of your love for him. This can be through becoming emotionally supportive, complimenting his sincere actions, or supporting his career growth. Always lead him to be a better version of himself. When he feels safe and secure enough in the relationship. He will be comfortable enough to show his love and support for you, too.

● Give him physical and emotional affection

It might take a while for your Virgo man to warm up in the relationship truly. However, it’s all going to be worth it. The best you can do is to let things flow smoothly between you and give him the utmost love he deserves.

Giving him physical affection is not enough. It’s also vital that you give him emotional affection as well. This can be through reassuring him, complimenting his appearance and work ethic, or affirming his strengths.

● Give him mental stimulation

Virgo men are mercurial beings who are always in their heads 24/7. This means that talking about intellectual things to their partners is an excellent way to release anxieties and worry. When you have good, intelligent conversations with your Virgo man, you energize his body and soul!

● Surprise him!

You can add fun and passion to the relationship by surprising him! Your Virgo man surely appreciates the small things you do for him in the relationship! This makes your relationship more lively and exciting. Surprise him with gifts, exciting new dates, or even a home-cooked meal. Indeed, anything you do will be appreciated by him.

● Keep it classy and elegant!

Your Virgo man wants to be with someone who he can be proud of being with! This means that being an intelligent, sophisticated, elegant woman is a must. You must show him that you are the prize and are not afraid to be in touch with your feminine side. This will also allow him to be masculine and lead the relationship!

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